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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Drivers of seasonal return patterns in German stocksWeigerding, Michael; Hanke, Michael Hanke; Schwetzler, Bernhard
2018 Discontinuous financing based on market values and the value of tax shieldsArnold, Sven; Lahmann, Alexander; Schwetzler, Bernhard
2018 Effects of a capital gains tax on asset pricingKrause, Marko Volker
2018 Taxation and agency conflicts between firm owners and managers: a reviewBauer, Thomas; Kourouxous, Thomas; Krenn, Peter
2018 Tax certified individual auditors and effective tax ratesFrey, Lisa
2018 What do we really know about corporate hedging? A meta-analytical studyGeyer-Klingeberg, Jerome; Hang, Markus; Rathgeber, Andreas W.; Stöckl, Stefan; Walter, Matthias
2017 Citation metrics as an additional indicator for evaluating research performance? An analysis of their correlations and validityClermont, Marcel; Dirksen, Alexander; Scheidt, Barbara; Tunger, Dirk
2017 The theory contribution of case study research designsRidder, Hans-Gerd
2017 Corporate distress and turnaround: integrating the literature and directing future researchSchweizer, Lars; Nienhaus, Andreas
2017 Insolvency administrator’s incentives and the tradeoff between creditor satisfaction and efficiency in bankruptcy proceduresFrieden, Matthias; Wielenberg, Stefan
2017 The effects of accounting standards on the financial reporting properties of private firms: evidence from the German Accounting Law Modernization ActZicke, Julia; Kiy, Florian
2017 Relevance versus reliability of accounting information with unlimited and limited commitmentSchöndube-Pirchegger, Barbara; Schöndube, Jens Robert
2017 Chief human resources officers on top management teams: an empirical analysis of contingency, institutional, and homophily antecedentsAbt, Magdalena; zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
2017 Effect of replenishment and backroom on retail shelf-space planningHübner, Alexander; Schaal, Kai
2017 Tie heterogeneity in networks of interlocking directorates: a cost–benefit approach to firms’ tie choiceBrennecke, Julia; Rank, Olaf N.
2017 Research diversity in accounting doctoral education: survey results from the German-speaking countriesPelger, Christoph; Grottke, Markus
2017 EditorialGehrig, Thomas
2017 Investors’ reactions to companies’ stakeholder management: the crucial role of assumed costs and perceived sustainabilitySchwarzmüller, Tanja; Brosi, Prisca; Stelkens, Vera; Spörrle, Matthias; Welpe, Isabell M.
2016 An economic decision model for determining the appropriate level of business process standardizationAfflerbach, Patrick; Bolsinger, Manuel; Röglinger, Maximilian
2016 Value-based process project portfolio management: integrated planning of BPM capability development and process improvementLehnert, Martin; Linhart, Alexander; Röglinger, Maximilian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 122