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2016 Comparing those who do, might and will not invest in sustainable funds: a survey among German retail fund investorsWins, Anett; Zwergel, Bernhard
2016 Lost in transaction? The transfer effect of strategic consistencyFehre, Kerstin; Kronenwett, Daniel; Lindstädt, Hagen; Wolff, Michael
2016 Covariances vs. characteristics: what does explain the cross section of the German stock market returns?Fieberg, Christian; Varmaz, Armin; Poddig, Thorsten
2016 Which proportion of SR investments is enough? A survey-based approachDorfleitner, Gregor; Nguyen, Mai
2016 The effect of social media interactions on customer relationship managementMaecker, Olaf; Barrot, Christian; Becker, Jan U.
2016 Price-based load coordination revisited: augmenting open-loop coordination approachesFlath, Christoph M.; Gottwalt, Sebastian
2015 Robustness of personal rankings: The Handelsblatt exampleLorenz, Daniela; Löffler, Andreas
2015 Supply chain coordination by contracts under binomial production yieldClemens, Josephine; Inderfurth, Karl
2015 Project managers' overconfidence: how is risk reflected in anticipated project success?Fabricius, Golo; Büttgen, Marion
2015 Journal publication success of German business researchers: Does gender composition and internationality of the author team matter?Eisend, Martin; Schuchert-Güler, Pakize
2015 Network effects in two-sided markets: Why a 50/50 user split is not necessarily revenue optimalVoigt, Sebastian; Hinz, Oliver
2015 On the sunk-cost effect in economic decision-making: A meta-analytic reviewRoth, Stefan; Robbert, Thomas; Straus, Lennart
2015 Order flow imbalance effects on the German stock marketHanke, Michael; Weigerding, Michael
2015 Path dependence and the stabilization of strategic premises: How the funeral industry buries itselfWenzel, Matthias
2015 EditorialFischer, Marc; Gassen, Joachim; Gehrig, Thomas; Hutzschenreuter, Thomas; Minner, Stefan
2015 Interest deductibility restrictions and organizational formBlaufus, Kay; Kreinacke, Marcos; Mantei, Britta
2015 Ethical requirement and financial interest: A literature review on socially responsible investingvon Wallis, Miriam; Klein, Christian
2015 Modeling sequential R&D investments: A binomial compound option approachHauschild, Bastian; Reimsbach, Daniel
2014 Optimal choice and consumption of cost cap tariffs: Theory and empirical evidenceKöhler, Philip; Krämer, Jan; Krüger, Lars
2014 Governance of professional service firms: A configurational approachHarlacher, Dirk; Reihlen, Markus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 98