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2021 What's next for social protection in light of COVID-19: country responsesBilo, Charlotte; Brito, Roberta; Peres, Aline; Balboni, Mariana
2021 What's next for social protection in light of COVID-19: challenges aheadPeres, Aline; Brito, Roberta; Bilo, Charlotte; Balboni, Mariana
2020 Leveraging food systems for poverty and malnutrition reductionRaza, Ahmed; Soares, Fabio Veras
2019 Rural poverty reduction in the 21st centuryNehring, Ryan; De la O Campos, Ana Paula
2019 Universal social protection: A target for allBalboni, Mariana; Peres, Aline
2018 Social protection: Meeting children's rights and needsMachado, Anna Carolina; Bilo, Charlotte
2018 Women at work: Addressing the gapsRobino, Carolina; Tebaldi, Raquel
2018 Minimum wage: Global challenges and perspectivesSoares, Sergei
2017 Social protection after the Arab SpringOsorio, Rafael Guerreiro; Soares, Fábio Veras
2017 Debating graduationMacLennan, Michael; Soares, Fábio Veras; Orton, Ian
2017 Social protection: Towards gender equalityMacLennan, Michael; Tebaldi, Raquel; Myamba, Flora; Stacey, John
2016 Health policy in emerging economies: Innovations and challengesMacLennan, Michael; de Arruda, Pedro Lara; Vaitsman, Jeni
2016 Food and nutrition security: Towards the full realisation of human rightsMacLennan, Michael; da Costa Nogueira, Lívia Maria; Valente, Flávio Luiz Schieck; Alexandre, Veruska Prado
2016 A new urban paradigm: Pathways to sustainable developmentMacLennan, Michael; Stacey, John
2015 The impact of cash transfers on local economiesMacLennan, Michael; Levy, Stephanie
2015 Social protection, entrepreneurship and labour market activationMacLennan, Michael; Soares, Fábio Veras; Robino, Carolina
2015 Is there a new Brazilian development model?MacLennan, Michael; Barrientos, Armando; Amann, Edmund
2015 Public policies for the strengthening of family farming in the Global SouthMacLennan, Michael; Patriota, Thomas; Pierri, Francesco Maria
2014 National transfer accounts and generational flowsMacLennan, Michael; Queiroz, Bernardo L.
2014 Protagonist womenMacLennan, Michael; Sawyer, Diana Oya; Slingsby, Ashleigh Kate
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32
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