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DateTitle Authors
2014 A Progressive Report on Marxian Economic Theory: On the Controversies in Exploitation Theory since Okishio (1963)Yoshihara, Naoki
2014 Growth Complementarity Between Agriculture and Industry: Evidence from a Panel of Developing Countriesde Souza, Joao Paulo A.
2014 One million miles to go: taking the axiomatic road to defining exploitationVeneziani, Roberto / Yoshihara, Naoki
2014 Natural implementation with partially-honest agents in economic environments with free-disposalLombardi, Michele / Yoshihara, Naoki
2014 On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value: The General Possibility of the Standard CommodityKurose, Kazuhiro / Yoshihara, Naoki
2014 Social Hierarchies and Public Distribution of Food in Rural IndiaBasu, Deepankar / Das, Debarshi
2014 Re-Distribution, Aggregate Demand, and Growth in an Open Economy: The Crucial Interaction of Portfolio Considerations and External Account ConstraintsRazmi, Arslan
2014 Gains from Sharing: Sticky Norms, Endogenous Preferences, and the Economics of Shareable GoodsFremstad, Anders
2014 BJP’s Demographic Dividend in the 2014 General Elections: An Empirical AnalysisBasu, Deepankar / Misra, Kartik
2014 Determinants and Impact of Subcontracting: Evidence from India’s Informal Manufacturing SectorBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar / Bhattacharya, Rajesh
2014 Real wages and labor-saving technical change: evidence from a panel of manufacturing industries in mature and labor-surplus economiesde Souza, Joao Paulo A.
2014 The Liberal Ethics of Non-Interference and the Pareto PrincipleMariotti, Marco / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm PrincipleLombardi, Michele / Miyagishima, Kaname / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Accumulation, Structural Change, and External Balances in a World with Internationally Traded Environmental AssetsRazmi, Arslan
2013 On the Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value in General Convex Economies: Applicability of the Standard CommodityKurose, Kazuhiro / Yoshihara, Naoki
2013 Financialization and the nonfinancial corporation: an investigation of firmlevel investment behavior in the U.S., 1971-2011Davis, Leila E.
2013 Motherhood and the Lesbian Wage PremiumSchneebaum, Alyssa
2013 Environmental Macroeconomics: Simple Stylized Frameworks for Short-Run AnalysisRazmi, Arslan
2013 Social Democracy and Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1950-2010Fiorio, Carlo V. / Mohun, Simon / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Correctly Analyzing the Balance of Payments Constraint on GrowthRazmi, Arslan
2013 The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth: Some Observations on the Possible ChannelsRapetti, Martín
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