Staff Reports, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The effect of monetary policy on bank wholesale fundingChoi, Dong Beom; Choi, Hyun-Soo
2016 An anatomy of U.S. personal bankruptcy under Chapter 13Eraslan, Hülya; Koşar, Gizem; Li, Wenli; Sarte, Pierre-Daniel
2016 A simple model of subprime borrowers and credit growthJustiniano, Alejandro; Primiceri, Giorgio E.; Tambalotti, Andrea
2016 Trading activity in the Indian government bond marketFleming, Michael J.; Saggar, Seema; Sareen, Samita
2016 Trends in credit market arbitrageBoyarchenko, Nina; Gupta, Pooja; Steele, Nick; Yen, Jacqueline
2016 Global variance term premia and intermediary risk appetiteVan Tassel, Peter; Vogt, Erik
2016 Global price of risk and stabilization policiesAdrian, Tobias; Stackman, Daniel; Vogt, Erik
2016 Characteristic-sorted portfolios: Estimation and inferenceCattaneo, Matias D.; Crump, Richard K.; Farrell, Max H.; Schaumburg, Ernst
2016 Tracking and stress-testing U.S. household leverageFuster, Andreas; Guttman-Kenney, Benedict; Haughwout, Andrew
2016 A pilot survey of agent securities lending activityBaklanova, Viktoria; Caglio, Cecilia; Keane, Frank; Porter, Burt
2016 Do long-haul truckers undervalue future fuel savings?Adenbaum, Jacob; Copeland, Adam; Stevens, John
2016 Working hard in the wrong place: A mismatch-based explanation to the UK productivity puzzlePatterson, Christina; Şahin, Ayşegül; Topa, Giorgio; Violante, Giovanni L.
2016 Merger options and risk arbitrageVan Tassel, Peter
2016 Hidden cost of better bank services: Carefree depositors in riskier banks?Choi, Dong Beom; Velasquez, Ulysses
2016 Liquidity traps, capital flowsAcharya, Sushant; Bengui, Julien
2016 Interbank market and central bank policyAhn, Jung-Hyun; Bignon, Vincent; Breton, Régis; Martin, Antoine
2016 The role of start-ups in structural transformationDent, Robert C.; Karahan, Fatih; Pugsley, Benjamin; Şahin, Ayşegül
2016 A new survey of the U.S. bilateral repo market: A snapshot of broker-dealer activityBaklanova, Viktoria; Caglio, Cecilia; Cipriani, Marco; Copeland, Adam
2016 The impact of supervision on bank performanceHirtle, Beverly J.; Kovner, Anna; Plosser, Matthew
2016 Preference for the workplace, investment in human capital, and genderWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 686