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DateTitle Authors
2014 Happiness: Before and after the kidsMyrskylä, Mikko / Margolis, Rachel
2014 Country differences in the relationship between incomes and wage rates of working partnersAbendroth, Anja-Kristin
2014 Messung von Ausmaß, Intensität und Konzentration des Einkommens- und Vermögensreichtums in DeutschlandRosemann, Martin / Tiefensee, Anita
2014 Self-managed working time and employee effort: Microeconometric evidenceBeckmann, Michael / Cornelissen, Thomas
2014 Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choiceFossen, Frank M. / Glocker, Daniela
2014 Turning back to turkey - or turning the back to Germany? Remigration intentions and behavior of Turkish immigrants in Germany between 1984 and 2011Diehl, Claudia / Liebau, Elisabeth
2014 Reference-dependent effects of unemployment on mental well-beingGrunow, Martina
2014 Adaptation to poverty in long-run panel dataClark, Andrew E. / D'Ambrosio, Conchita / Ghislandi, Simone
2014 A weighty issue revisited: The dynamic effect of body weight on earnings and satisfaction in GermanyKropfhäußer, Frieder / Sunder, Marco
2014 Obesity and the labor market: A fresh look at the weight penaltyCaliendo, Marco / Gehrsitz, Markus
2014 Methods effects in factorial surveys: An analysis of respondents' comments, interviewers' assessments, and response behaviorSauer, Carsten / Auspurg, Katrin / Hinz, Thomas / Liebig, Stefan / Schupp, Jürgen
2014 Overeducation among graduates: An overlooked facet of the gender pay gap? Evidence from East and West GermanyBoll, Christina / Leppin, Julian Sebastian
2014 The dynamics of social assistance benefit receipt in Germany: State dependence before and after the 'Hartz reforms'Königs, Sebastian
2014 Economic growth evens-out happiness: Evidence from six surveysClark, Andrew E. / Fléche, Sarah / Senik, Claudia
2014 Measuring fuel poverty: General considerations and application to German household dataHeindl, Peter
2014 Dissatisfied with life or with being interviewed? Happiness and motivation to participate in a surveyChadi, Adrian
2013 Shifting taxes from labor to consumption: Efficient, but regressive?Pestel, Nico / Sommer, Eric
2013 Institutional rearing is associated with lower general life satisfaction in adulthoodRichter, David / Lemola, Sakari
2013 Conversion of non-respondents in an ongoing panel survey: The case of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)Schräpler, Jörg-Peter / Schupp, Jürgen / Wagner, Gert G.
2013 Intrinsic motivations of public sector employees: Evidence for GermanyDur, Robert / Zoutenbier, Robin
2013 A step in a new direction: The effect of the parent's money reform of 2007 on employment rates of mothers in GermanySchmidt, Susanne
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