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DateTitle Authors
2014 Is there a Southeast Asian development model?Hill, Hal
2014 The impact of fiscal and political decentralization on local public investments in IndonesiaKis-Katos, Krisztina / Suharnoko Sjahrir, Bambang
2014 Access to piped water and human capital formation: Evidence from Brazilian primary schoolsBarde, Julia A. / Walkiewicz, Juliana
2014 Short-run macro after the crisis: The end of the 'new' neoclassical synthesis?Landmann, Oliver
2014 EMU and the cyclical behavior of fiscal policy: A suggested interpretationLandmann, Oliver
2013 Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politicsSuharnoko Sjahrir, Bambang / Kis-Katos, Krisztina / Schulze, Günther G.
2013 Corruption in RussiaSchulze, Günther G. / Suharnoko Sjahrir, Bambang / Zakharov, Nikita
2013 Political business cycles in local IndonesiaSuharnoko Sjahrir, Bambang / Kis-Katos, Krisztina / Schulze, Günther G.
2012 Monetary and fiscal policy in monetary union under the zero lower bound constraintFlotho, Stefanie
2012 On the heterogeneity of TerrorKis-Katos, Krisztina / Liebert, Helge / Schulze, Günther
2012 Decentralization as unbundling of public goods provision: New effects of decentralization on efficiency and electoral controlFarfán-Vallespín, Antonio
2011 The regional impact of Indonesia's fiscal policy on oil and gas: Options for reformAgustina, Cut Dian R. D. / Fengler, Wolfgang / Schulze, Günther G.
2011 Democracy in progress - or oligarchy in disguise? The politics of decentralized governance in Post-Suharto Indonesiavon Luebke, Chrstian
2011 Gestaltungskriterien für ein Folgeabkommen zum Kyoto-Protokoll: Eine ökonomische Analyse des globalen KlimaschutzesKleber, Carolin
2011 Economic causes of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: A panel data analysis for the 2000sHargrave, Jorge / Kis-Katos, Krisztina
2011 Endogenous environmental policy when pollution is transboundaryFünfgeld, Joachim / Schulze, Günther G.
2010 On the channels of pro-social behavior: Evidence from a natural field experimentKoppel, Hannes / Schulze, Günther G.
2010 On the origin of domestic and international terrorismKis-Katos, Krisztina / Liebert, Helge / Schulze, Günther G.
2010 Homeowner-made housing price bubbles: East Germany's exampleDascher, Kristof
2010 What determines firms' decisions to formalize? Evidence from rural IndonesiaMcCulloch, Neil / Schulze, Günther G. / Voss, Janina
2009 The political economy of refugee migrationCzaika, Mathias
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