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DateTitle Authors
2016 Societal Grand Challenges from a technological perspective: Methods and identification of classes of the International Patent Classification IPCFrietsch, Rainer / Neuhäusler, Peter / Rothengatter, Oliver / Jonkers, Koen
2016 Concentration on the few? R&D and innovation in German firms between 2001 and 2013Rammer, Christian / Schubert, Torben
2016 Towards modelling of innovation systems: An integrated TIS-MLP approach for wind turbinesWalz, Rainer / Köhler, Jonathan Hugh / Lerch, Christian
2016 Opening up the innovation system framework towards new actors and institutionsWarnke, Philine / Koschatzky, Knut / Dönitz, Ewa / Zenker, Andrea / Stahlecker, Thomas / Som, Oliver / Cuhls, Kerstin / Güth, Sandra
2016 The dynamic simulation of TIS functions in transitions pathwaysKöhler, Jonathan / Braungardt, Sibylle / Hettesheimer, Tim / Lerch, Christian / Nabitz, Lisa / Sartorius, Christian / Walz, Rainer
2015 Science-industry-linkages in China: What drives MNCs to collaborate with Chinese academic partners and what makes them successfulTagscherer, Ulrike
2015 Global Champions und Hidden Champions: Internationale Konzerne und KMU im InnovationswettbewerbFrietsch, Rainer
2015 Patentierung computerimplementierter Erfindungen: Aktuelle Rechtslage und ökonomische ImplikationenNeuhäusler, Peter / Frietsch, Rainer / Rothengatter, Oliver
2014 "Challenge-led"-Innovation in China: Das Beispiel ElektromobilitätFan, Cheng / Reiß, Thomas / Thielmann, Axel
2014 German-Sino collaboration in science, technology and innovationFrietsch, Rainer / Tagscherer, Ulrike
2014 Emerging topics in science: Subproject in the Kompetenzzentrum BibliometrieMichels, Carolin / Rettinger, Achim
2014 Scientific mobility: An analysis of Germany, Austria, France and Great BritainConchi, Sonia / Michels, Carolin
2014 E-mobility in China: Chance or daydream?Tagscherer, Ulrike / Frietsch, Rainer
2014 The effects of production offshoring on R&D and innovation in the home countryDachs, Bernhard / Ebersberger, Bernd / Kinkel, Steffen / Som, Oliver
2013 Growing outflows of technology-driven foreign direct investment from emerging economies and the implications for the international investment regimeDantas, Eva / Meyer, Niclas / Stehnken, Thomas
2013 Academic knowledge as a driver for technological innovation? Comparing universities, small and large firms in knowledge production and disseminationDornbusch, Friedrich / Neuhäusler, Peter
2013 SME patenting: An empirical analysis in nine countriesFrietsch, Rainer / Neuhäusler, Peter / Rothengatter, Oliver
2013 Patents as indicators for knowledge generation and diffusion in mechanical engineering and green biotechnology: A first assessmentNeuhäusler, Peter / Frietsch, Rainer
2013 Publication activity in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) database in the context of Chinese science and technology policy from 1977 to 2012Fu, Junying / Frietsch, Rainer / Tagscherer, Ulrike
2013 Systematic analysis of coverage and usage of conference proceedings in web of science: Subproject in the Kompetenzzentrum BibliometrieMichels, Carolin / Fu, Junying
2012 Identification of university-based patents: A new large-scale approachDornbusch, Friedrich / Schmoch, Ulrich / Schulze, Nicole / Bethke, Nadine
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