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DateTitle Authors
2016 Die Kosten der Flüchtlingskrise in Deutschland - eine Investition in die Zukunft? Ein 5-Punkte-Programm könnte dazu beitragenBrühl, Volker
2016 Fragmentation and heterogeneity in the euro-area corporate bond market: Back to normal?Zaghini, Andrea
2016 Who gains from credit granted between firms? Evidence from inter-corporate loan announcements made in ChinaHe, Qing / Lu, Liping / Ongena, Steven
2016 Actual and perceived financial sophistication and wealth accumulation: The role of education and genderBannier, Christina E. / Neubert, Milena
2015 The European Central Bank: Building a shelter in a stormKang, Dae Woong / Ligthart, Nick / Mody, Ashoka
2015 Forty years of oil price fluctuations: Why the price of oil may still surprise usBaumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2015 Extended Yule-Walker identification of Varma models with single- or mixed frequency dataZadrozny, Peter A.
2015 The "tone effect" of news on investor beliefs: An experimental approachBosman, Ronald / Kräussl, Roman / Mirgorodskaya, Elizaveta
2015 Euro crash riskKräussl, Roman / Lehnert, Thorsten / Senulyte, Sigita
2015 Toward a pecking order theory of strategic resource deploymentSchulze, William / Deeds, David / Wuebker, Robert / Kräussl, Roman
2015 Completing the unfinished house: Towards a genuine economic and monetary union?Issing, Otmar
2015 Household debt and crises of confidenceHintermaier, Thomas / Koeniger, Winfried
2015 Monetary policy in Turkey after Central Bank independenceGürkaynak, Refet S. / Kantur, Zeynep / Tas, M. Anil / Yildirim, Secil
2015 Accounting-based asset return smoothing in participating life annuities: Implications for annuitants, insurers, and policymakersMaurer, Raimond / Mitchell, Olivia S. / Rogalla, Ralph / Siegelin, Ivonne
2015 Employment and wage insurance within firms: Worldwide evidenceEllul, Andrew / Pagano, Marco / Schivardi, Fabiano
2015 Back to gold: Sterling in 1925Gerlach, Stefan / Kugler, Peter
2015 A global lending channel unplugged? Does U.S. monetary policy affect cross-border and affiliate lending by global U.S. banks?Temesvary, Judit / Ongena, Steven / Owen, Ann L.
2015 Risks and returns to education over timeBrown, Jeffrey R. / Fang, Chichun / Gomes, Francisco
2015 Multivariate dynamic intensity peaks-over-threshold modelsHautsch, Nikolaus / Herrera, Rodrigo
2015 Unemployment and inflation in Ireland: 1926-2012Gerlach, Stefan / Lydon, Reamonn / Stuart, Rebecca
2015 Money, interest rates and prices in Ireland, 1933-2012Gerlach, Stefan / Stuart, Rebecca
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