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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Caught between Cultures: Unintended Consequences of Improving Opportunity for Immigrant GirlsDahl, Gordon B.; Felfe, Christina; Frijters, Paul; Rainer, Helmut
2020 Substitution across Profit-Shifting Methods and the Impact on Thin Capitalization RulesEggert, Wolfgang; Goerdt, Gideon
2020 Shaking Things Up: On the Stability of Risk and Time PreferencesBeine, Michel; Charness, Gary; Dupuy, Arnaud; Joxhe, Majlinda
2020 Intergenerational Transmission of Unemployment - Causal Evidence from AustriaGrübl, Dominik; Lackner, Mario; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2020 Strompreis senken: Gut für Wirtschaft und KlimaSchaefer, Thilo
2020 Social Stability Challenged: Pandemics, Inequality and Policy ResponsesPerugini, Cristiano; Vladisavljevic, Marko
2020 Observability, Social Proximity, and the Erosion of Norm ComplianceBicchieri, Cristina; Dimant, Eugen; Gächter, Simon; Nosenzo, Daniele
2020 Mentoring and Schooling Decisions: Causal EvidenceFalk, Armin; Kosse, Fabian; Pinger, Pia
2020 The Graduate Wage and Earnings Premia and the Role of Non-Cognitive SkillsBuchmueller, Gerda; Walker, Ian
2020 Geschlossene Kitas: Mütter tragen mit Blick auf Zeiteinteilung vermutlich die HauptlastJessen, Jonas; Waights, Sevrin; Spieß, Christa Katharina
2020 Akzeptanz der einschränkenden Corona-Maßnahmen bleibt trotz Lockerungen hochWagner, Gert G.; Kühne, Simon; Siegel, Nico A.
2020 International Political Alignment during the Trump Presidency: Voting at the UN General AssemblyMosler, Martin; Potrafke, Niklas
2020 Game of Prejudice: Experiments at the Extensive and Intensive MarginDasgupta, Utteeyo; Mani, Subha; Vecci, Joseph; Želinský, Tomáš
2020 Monetary Policy, Financial Constraints, and RedistributionLoenser, Christian; Schabert, Andreas
2020 Recruitment Policies, Job-Filling Rates and Matching EfficiencyCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos; Gartner, Hermann; Kaas, Leo
2020 Deliberation Enhances the Confirmation Bias: An Examination of Politics and ReligionDickinson, David L.
2020 Wages, Hires, and Labor Market ConcentrationMarinescu, Ioana E.; Ouss, Ivan; Pape, Louis-Daniel
2020 Does Electricity Drive Structural Transformation? Evidence from the United StatesGaggl, Paul; Gray, Rowena; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Morin, Miguel
2020 Sleep Restriction Increases Coordination FailureCastillo, Marco; Dickinson, David L.
2020 A General Framework for Studying ContestsBastani, Spencer; Giebe, Thomas; Gürtler, Oliver