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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 A Comparion of the Performances of Type A Mutual Funds Before and After 2008 Global Economic Crisis in TurkeyBaşçi, Eşref Savaş; Memiş, Fatih
2014 Journal of Economic and Social Thought: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 Analyzing Framing Effecty by an Experiment among Students in TurkeyKamilçelebi, Hatime; Ünal, Emre
2014 The Measuring Effect of Employee Satisfaction of Academic Staff to Employee PerformanceAkyol, Hikmet
2014 The Contradictions of Free Market System and The Impacts of FDI and Foreign Trade on EconomyAlpagu, Hasan
2014 Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 Antibes 13th International Academic Conference, The IISES, MaltaSakinç, İlker
2014 Determinants of Bank Profitability in Turkey: An Empirical Analysis on Types of Banking from 2002 to 2012Başçi, Eşref Savaş; Sakinç, Öznur
2014 4th International Conference on Economics, ICE-TEA, TurkeySekmen, Özlem
2014 A Comparative Study On Application Of Regulation Of Hygiene Education Dated 5 July 2013 Between Göynük And Güdül CountiesGökmoğol, Mehmet Ruhi
2014 Turkish Economic Review: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 Demet Ş. Dinler, Workers Exictence Problem [İşçinin Varlık Problemi]Güney, Alptekin
2014 The Performance Comparison of the Participation Banks Acting in Turkey via Grey Relations Analysis MethodSakinç, İlker; Gülen, Merve
2014 Export Price Stability and Compatibility of Euro under the Export- Biased Productivity Growth in Turkey: A Criticism against the Maastricht Inflation CriterionÜnal, Emre
2014 Alptekin Güney, New Working Paradigms and Attitudes [Yeni çalışma Paradigması ve Tutum]Toker, Kerem
2014 Profitability in Turkish Banking Sector: Panel Data Analysis (The period 1990-1999)Güneş, Nizamülmülk
2014 Left with Bias? Quantile Regression with Measurement Error in Left Hand Side VariablesStacy, Brian
2014 Ranking Teachers when Teacher Value-Added is Heterogeneous Across StudentsStacy, Brian
2014 Austria and Hungary: Different stages of readiness to create added value by using business information systemsSasvari Peter; Rauch, Wolf
2014 Inclusive human development in pre-crisis times of globalisation-driven debtsAsongu, Simplice; Efobi, Uchenna; Beecroft, Ibukun