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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 The 67th Annual Meeting of the NYSEA, USABuber, Sinem
2014 Edward M. Feasel, Japan's Aid: Lessons for Economic Growth, Development and Political EconomyTsomocos, Dimitrios P.
2014 Does Financial Openness Affect Economic Growth in Asian Economies? A Case Study in Selected Asian Economies, 1980-2010Wei, Hsinrong P.
2014 Export Price Stability and Compatibility of Euro under the Export- Biased Productivity Growth in Turkey: A Criticism against the Maastricht Inflation CriterionÜnal, Emre
2014 Mario Telò, Globalisation, Multilateralism, Europe: Towards a Better Global Governance? (Globalisation, Europe, Multilateralism)Müller, Gustavo G.
2014 Economy and Art: Why are Economy and Art Closely Linked?Alpagu, Hasan
2014 Demet Ş. Dinler, Workers Exictence Problem [İşçinin Varlık Problemi]Güney, Alptekin
2014 Economics of Qwerty and FgğıodŞama, İbrahim Yaşar
2014 Futures and Forwards Contracts from Perspective of Islamic LawInjadat, Ehab M. M.
2014 Turkey’s Strategic Economic Relations with Africa: Trends and ChallengesEnwere, Chigozie; Yilmaz, Mesut
2014 The Mechanics of Dualistic Models: "Comparable" Structures and Comparative Statics ResultsMartins, Ana Paula
2014 William Henderson, John Ruskin’s Political EconomyGore, David Charles
2014 The Political Economy of Italy in the EMU: What Went Wrong?Talani, Leila Simona
2014 The Performance Comparison of the Participation Banks Acting in Turkey via Grey Relations Analysis MethodSakinç, İlker; Gülen, Merve
2014 Turkish Economic Review: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 Letter to The EditorRuacan, Şevket
2014 Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 Reflections on the Impact of the New Economic, Sociological and Historical Institutionalism in Institutional Social PolicyVargas-Hernandez, José G.
2014 The Global Contradiction of the 21rst CenturyLane, Jan-Erik
2014 Is the J-Curve a Reality in Developing Countries?Hussain, M. Ershad; Haque, Mahfuzul