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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 The 67th Annual Meeting of the NYSEA, USABuber, Sinem
2014 Leila S. Talani, The Arab Spring in the Global Political EconomyCafruny, Alan W.
2014 Physical Infrastructures and Attractiveness of Private Capital in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) CountriesNgongan, Elie
2014 “External Debt, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth in Cameroon” A system Estimation ApproachForgha, Njimanted G.; Mbella, Mukete E.; Ngangnchi, Forbe H.
2014 Turkey’s Strategic Economic Relations with Africa: Trends and ChallengesEnwere, Chigozie; Yilmaz, Mesut
2014 Futures and Forwards Contracts from Perspective of Islamic LawInjadat, Ehab M. M.
2014 Making sense of China's Economic SlowdownSuzuki, Yasushi
2014 Using Grey Relational Analysis to Determine the Financial Performance of Turkish Football ClubsSakınç, İlker
2014 Turkish Economic Review: From the EditorKargi, Bilal
2014 The Political Economy of Italy in the EMU: What Went Wrong?Talani, Leila Simona
2014 William Henderson, John Ruskin’s Political EconomyGore, David Charles
2014 The Performance Comparison of the Participation Banks Acting in Turkey via Grey Relations Analysis MethodSakinç, İlker; Gülen, Merve
2014 The Mechanics of Dualistic Models: "Comparable" Structures and Comparative Statics ResultsMartins, Ana Paula
2014 The Global Contradiction of the 21rst CenturyLane, Jan-Erik
2014 Profitability in Turkish Banking Sector: Panel Data Analysis (The period 1990-1999)Güneş, Nizamülmülk
2014 Economy and Art: Why are Economy and Art Closely Linked?Alpagu, Hasan
2014 A Sectorial Analysis of Possible Information leakages prior to Merger and Acquisition Deals in Istanbul Stock ExchangeSönmezer, Sıtkı
2014 4th International Conference on Economics, ICE-TEA, TurkeySekmen, Özlem
2014 Analyzing Framing Effecty by an Experiment among Students in TurkeyKamilçelebi, Hatime; Ünal, Emre
2014 From the EditorKargı, Bilal