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Akyol, Hikmet
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[Journal:] Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences [ISSN:] 2149-0406 [Volume:] 1 [Year:] 2014 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 18-33
This study is for the faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Tourism, Theology and Literature based on Gumushane University, and for instructors who take charge in the units based on Rectorship. As a result of this study, the effect of academic staff and employee satisfaction when compared to employee performance have been researched and documented. In this context, the effects of internal and external satisfaction to employee performance that are two subdimensions of employee performance, also have been studied to be implemented. Also, the activity of wages policy which to please academic staff, has been evaluated in the recent period. In conclusion, employee satisfaction of attenders partly affects employee performances. Moreover, it has been detected that the external satisfaction levels of attenders positively affected performance senses. This result has shown that the applied wages policy was interpreted as an useful policy for them in the recent period. In addition to this, the evidence has been reached that the internal satisfaction levels of academic staff negatively affected academic job performance.
Employee satisfaction
Employee performance
Academic staff
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