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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010An empirical study on price rigidityDixon, Huw; Zhou, Peng
2010The strength and persistence of entrepreneurial culturesForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2014The Rise of the English Economy 1300-1900: A Lasting Response to Demographic ShocksForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2014A DSGE Model of ChinaDai, Li; Minford, Patrick; Zhou, Peng
2014How good are out of sample forecasting Tests on DSGE models?Minford, Patrick; Xu, Yongdeng; Zhou, Peng
2014Firm-Level Evidence for the Language Investment Effect on SME ExportersForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2014Cultures of Female EntrepreneurshipForeman-Peck, James; Zhou, Peng
2016Migration and tax yields in a devolved economyForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2017Separating yolk from white: A filter based on economic properties of trend and cycleZhou, Peng
2017Resolving the public sector wage premium puzzle by indirect inferenceMinford, Patrick; Wang, Yi; Zhou, Peng
2018The determinants of price rigidity in the UK: Analysis of the CPI and PPI microdata and application to macrodata modellingZhou, Peng; Dixon, Huw
2019Response to Edwards and OgilvieForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2019What causes Chinese listed firms to switch bank: Loan provider? Evidence from a survival analysisHuang, Jiayi; Matthews, Kent; Zhou, Peng
2019The health issues of the homeless and the homeless issues of the ill-healthDai, Li; Zhou, Peng
2019The demographic transition in a unified growth model of the English economyForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2020Fertility versus productivity: A model of growth with evolutionary equilibriaForeman-Peck, James S.; Zhou, Peng
2021Financial development and economic growth in a microfounded small open economy modelZhang, Bo; Zhou, Peng
2021The rise of a new anchor currency in RCEP? A tale of three currenciesGuo, Dong; Zhou, Peng
2021Multilateral political effects on outbound tourismZhou, Bo; Zhang, Ying; Zhou, Peng
2021Green bonds as hedging assets before and after COVID: A comparative study between the US and ChinaGuo, Dong; Zhou, Peng