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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Interprovincial migration in China: the effects of investment and migrant networksBao, Shuming; Bodvarsson, Örn B.; Hou, Jack W.; Zhao, Yaohui
2009 The regulation of migration in a transition economy: China's Hukou systemBao, Shuming; Bodvarsson, Örn B.; Hou, Jack W.; Zhao, Yaohui
2010 The effects of childhood health on adult health and SES in ChinaSmith, James P.; Shen, Yan; Strauss, John; Zhe, Yang; Zhao, Yaohui
2010 SES health gradients during the epidemiological transition: The case of ChinaLei, Xiaoyan; Yin, Nina; Zhao, Yaohui
2010 Explaining rising returns to education in urban China in the 1990sLiu, Xuejun; Park, Albert; Zhao, Yaohui
2011 Living arrangements of the elderly in China: Evidence from CHARLSLei, Xiaoyan; Strauss, John; Tian, Meng; Zhao, Yaohui
2012 Health, height, height shrinkage and SES at older ages: Evidence from ChinaHuang, Wei; Lei, Xiaoyan; Ridder, Geert; Strauss, John; Zhao, Yaohui
2013 Gender Differences in Cognition in China and Reasons for Change over Time: Evidence from CHARLSLei, Xiaoyan; Smith, James P.; Sun, Xiaoting; Zhao, Yaohui
2013 Community Effects on Elderly Health: Evidence from CHARLS National BaselineSmith, James P.; Tian, Meng; Zhao, Yaohui
2014 One-Child Policy and the Rise of Man-Made TwinsHuang, Wei; Lei, Xiaoyan; Zhao, Yaohui
2014 Divorce, Abortion and Children's Sex Ratio: The Impact of Divorce Reform in ChinaSun, Ang; Zhao, Yaohui