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1999The Rate of Return to Private SchoolingWright, Robert E.
2003School Quality, Educational Attainment and Aggregation BiasFertig, Michael; Wright, Robert E.
2004School quality, educational attainment and aggregation biasFertig, Michael; Wright, Robert E.
2005Are Scottish degrees better?Taylor, Mark P.; Wright, Robert E.
2011Is graduate under-employment persistent? Evidence from the United KingdomMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2012The impact of population ageing on house prices: A micro-simulation approachChen, Yu; Gibb, Kenneth D.; Leishman, Chris; Wright, Robert E.
2016Use It or Lose It: Irish EvidenceMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2016Financial Literacy and Political Orientation in Great BritainMontagnoli, Alberto; Moro, Mirko; Panos, Georgios A.; Wright, Robert E.
2016Use it or lose it: Irish evidenceMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2016The Impact of Micro-Credit on Employment: Evidence from Bangladesh and PakistanKahn, Azhar; Rahman, Twyeafur; Wright, Robert E.
2017Maternal Employment and Child Outcomes: Evidence from the Irish Marriage BarMosca, Irene; O'Sullivan, Vincent; Wright, Robert E.
2017Working, Volunteering and Mental Health in the Later YearsMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2017Financial Literacy and Attitudes to RedistributionMontagnoli, Alberto; Moro, Mirko; Panos, Georgios A.; Wright, Robert E.
2018Is Personality Endogenous? Evidence from IrelandMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2019The Long-Term Consequences of the Irish Marriage BarMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2021Economics of Marriage BarsMosca, Irene; Wright, Robert E.
2022Gender, Financial Literacy and Pension SavingsPreston, Alison; Wright, Robert E.
2022A Study of the Chinese Gender Gap in Financial LiteracyPreston, Alison; Qiu, Lili; Wright, Robert E.
2022Financial Literacy Amongst Young People: When Does the Gender Gap Begin?Preston, Alison; Wright, Robert E.