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2006 Social capital among agricultural producers in the Czech Republic: its impact on economic performanceWolz, Axel; Fritzsch, Jana; Pencáková, Jitka
2010 Renewable energy and its impact on agricultural and rural development: Findings of a comparative study in Central, Eastern and Southern EuropeWolz, Axel; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Markus, Richard
2010 Does cooperation pay? The role of social capital among household plot farmers in UkraineWolz, Axel; Fritzsch, Jana; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Nedoborovskyy, Andriy
2011 Institutional change of the agricultural administration and rural associations in East Germany before and after unificationWolz, Axel
2011 Bio-energy and rural development: Findings from a comparative study in Central, Eastern and Southern EuropeWolz, Axel; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Márkus, Richard
2012 Patterns behind rural success stories in the European Union: Major lessons of former enlargementsWolz, Axel; Hubbard, Carmen; Möllers, Judith; Gorton, Matthew; Buchenrieder, Gertrud
2013 The organisation of agricultural production in East Germany since World War II: Historical roots and present situationWolz, Axel
2013 Sozialökonomische Effekte des demographischen Wandels in ländlichen Räumen Sachsen-AnhaltsWeiß, Wolfgang; Wolz, Axel; Herzfeld, Thomas; Fritzsch, Jana
2014 Landwirtschaft im ländlichsten Raum: Letzte Hoffnung zur Sicherung der DaseinsvorsorgeWolz, Axel; Weiß, Wolfgang; Herzfeld, Thomas
2015 Zur Entwicklung der polnischen Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft seit 1989Wolz, Axel; Grau, Aaron; Hockmann, Heinrich; Levkovych, Inna
2018 Is Agribusiness Different? Firm-Level Evidence of Perceived Corruption in Post-Soviet CountriesHerzfeld, Thomas; Kulyk, Iryna; Wolz, Axel
2019 Networking among Russian farmers and their prospects for successGolovina, Svetlana; Hess, Sebastian; Nilsson, Jerker; Wolz, Axel
2020 Options for agricultural service cooperatives in a postsocialist economy: Evidence from RomaniaWolz, Axel; Möllers, Judith; Micu, Marius Mihai