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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 What determines fiscal balances? An empirical investigation in determinants of changes in OECD budget balancesTujula, Mika; Wolswijk, Guido
2005 On some fiscal effects on mortgage debt growth in the EUWolswijk, Guido
2005 Government debt management in the euro area - recent theoretical developments and changes in practicesWolswijk, Guido; de Haan, Jakob
2007 Market discipline, financial integration and fiscal rules: what drives spreads in the euro area government bond market?Manganelli, Simone; Wolswijk, Guido
2007 Short- and long-run tax elasticities: the case of the NetherlandsWolswijk, Guido
2008 Government risk premiums in the bond market: EMU and CanadaSchuknecht, Ludger; von Hagen, Jürgen; Wolswijk, Guido
2008 Have Euro Area Government Bond Risk Premia Converged To Their Common State?Pozzi, Lorenzo; Wolswijk, Guido
2009 Housing Finance in the Euro AreaDrudi, Francesco; Köhler-Ulbrich, Petra; Protopapa, Marco; Slacalek, Jiri; Sørensen, Christoffer Kok; Wolswijk, Guido; Salvador, Ramón Gómez; Magono, Ruth; Valckx, Nico; Stöss, Elmar; Hebbink, Gerbert; Wagner, Karin; Walko, Zoltan; Zachary, Marie Denise; Magri, Silvia; Bartiloro, Laura; Mistrulli, Paolo; Asimakopoulos, Yannis; Georgakopoulos, Vasilis; Kasselaki, Maria; Pagés, Jorge Martínez; Weber, Romain; Argyridou, Christiana; Zammit, Wendy; Ribeiro, Nuno; Gabrielli, Daniel; Doyle, Nicola; Hasko, Harri; Task Force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the European System of Central Banks
2010 Government bond risk premiums in the EU revisited: the impact of the financial crisisSchuknecht, Ludger; von Hagen, Jürgen; Wolswijk, Guido
2012 Central bank communication on fiscal policyAllard, Julien; Catenaro, Marco; Vidal, Jean-Pierre; Wolswijk, Guido