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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 The Variability of Inflation and Real Stock ReturnsHu, Xiaoqiang; Willett, Thomas D.
1999 Crime and Punishment: Some Lessons of the Ruble CrisisWillett, Thomas D.
1999 A Political Economy Analysis of the Maastricht and Stability Pact Fiscal CriteriaWillett, Thomas D.
2000 The Need for a Political Economy Capability at the IMFWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Currency Market Reactions to Good and Bad News During the Asian CrisisJo, Gab-Je; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 Managing Financial Crises: DiscussionWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Upping the Ante for Political Economy Analysis of the International Financial InstitutionsWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Nonlinear Effects of Inflation on Growth: CommentBurdekin, Richard C.K.; Denzau, Arthur T.; Keil, Manfred W.; Sitthiyot, Thitithep; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 Understanding the IMF DebateWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Capital Mobility for Developing Countries May Not Be So HighWillett, Thomas D.; Ahn, Young Seok; Keil, Manfred W.
2000 Some Political Economy Aspects of EMUWillett, Thomas D.
2000 When Does Inflation Hurt Economic Growth? Different Nonlinearities for Different EconomiesBurdekin, Richard C.K.; Denzau, Arthur T.; Keil, Manfred W.; Sitthiyot, Thitithep; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 A Soft-Core Public Choice Analysis of the International Monetary FundWillett, Thomas D.
2000 A Currency Crises Model That Works: A Payments Disequilibrium ApproachNitithanprapas, Ekniti; Willett, Thomas D.
2001 Truth in Advertising and The Great Dollarization ScamWillett, Thomas D.
2001 Restructuring IMF Facilities to Separate Lender of Last Resort and Conditionality Programs: The Meltzer Commission Recommendations as Complements rather than SubstitutesWillett, Thomas D.
2001 The Political Economy of External Discipline: Constraint Versus Incentive Effects of Capital Mobility and Exchange Rate PegsWillett, Thomas D.
2001 The Falsification of Four Popular Hypotheses about International Financial Behavior during the Asian CrisisWillett, Thomas D.; Budiman, Aida; Denzau, Arthur; Jo, Gab-Je; Ramos, Cesar; Thomas, John
2001 The OCA Approach to Exchange Rate Regimes: A Perspective on Recent DevelopmentsWillett, Thomas D.
2002 The role of capital controls and currency regimes in the Asian crisisNitithanprapas, Isriya; Rongala, Sunil; Willett, Thomas D.; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies