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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Crime and Punishment: Some Lessons of the Ruble CrisisWillett, Thomas D.
1999 The Variability of Inflation and Real Stock ReturnsHu, Xiaoqiang; Willett, Thomas D.
1999 A Political Economy Analysis of the Maastricht and Stability Pact Fiscal CriteriaWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Currency Market Reactions to Good and Bad News During the Asian CrisisJo, Gab-Je; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 Nonlinear Effects of Inflation on Growth: CommentBurdekin, Richard C.K.; Denzau, Arthur T.; Keil, Manfred W.; Sitthiyot, Thitithep; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 Capital Mobility for Developing Countries May Not Be So HighWillett, Thomas D.; Ahn, Young Seok; Keil, Manfred W.
2000 A Currency Crises Model That Works: A Payments Disequilibrium ApproachNitithanprapas, Ekniti; Willett, Thomas D.
2000 Upping the Ante for Political Economy Analysis of the International Financial InstitutionsWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Understanding the IMF DebateWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Some Political Economy Aspects of EMUWillett, Thomas D.
2000 The Need for a Political Economy Capability at the IMFWillett, Thomas D.
2000 Managing Financial Crises: DiscussionWillett, Thomas D.
2000 A Soft-Core Public Choice Analysis of the International Monetary FundWillett, Thomas D.
2000 When Does Inflation Hurt Economic Growth? Different Nonlinearities for Different EconomiesBurdekin, Richard C.K.; Denzau, Arthur T.; Keil, Manfred W.; Sitthiyot, Thitithep; Willett, Thomas D.
2001 Truth in Advertising and The Great Dollarization ScamWillett, Thomas D.
2001 The Political Economy of External Discipline: Constraint Versus Incentive Effects of Capital Mobility and Exchange Rate PegsWillett, Thomas D.
2001 The Falsification of Four Popular Hypotheses about International Financial Behavior during the Asian CrisisWillett, Thomas D.; Budiman, Aida; Denzau, Arthur; Jo, Gab-Je; Ramos, Cesar; Thomas, John
2001 Restructuring IMF Facilities to Separate Lender of Last Resort and Conditionality Programs: The Meltzer Commission Recommendations as Complements rather than SubstitutesWillett, Thomas D.
2001 The OCA Approach to Exchange Rate Regimes: A Perspective on Recent DevelopmentsWillett, Thomas D.
2002 Towards a broader public choice analysis of the International Monetary FundWillett, Thomas D.; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies