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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Economic boom and social mobility: The Irish experienceWhelan, Christopher T.; Layte, Richard
2005 Measuring material deprivation with EU-SILC: Lessons from the irish surveyWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2005 Levels and patterns of material deprivation in Ireland: After the Celtic TigerWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2006 Measuring consistent poverty in Ireland with EU SILC dataWhelan, Christopher T.; Nolan, Brian; Maître, Bertrand
2007 The Europeanisation of reference groups: A reconsideration using EU-SILCWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2007 The dynamics of economic vulnerability: A comparative European analysisWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2007 Validating the European socio-economic classification: Cross-sectional and dynamic analysis of income poverty and lifestyle deprivationWatson, Dorothy; Whelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2007 Understanding the implications of choice of deprivation index for measuring consistent poverty in IrelandWhelan, Christopher T.
2008 Poverty in Ireland in comparative European perspectiveWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2008 Measuring material deprivation in the enlarged EUWhelan, Christopher T.; Nolan, Brian; Maître, Bertrand
2008 Europeanisation of inequality and European reference groupsWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2008 Comparing poverty indicators in an enlarged EUWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2008 New' and 'old' social risks: Life cycle and social class perspectives on social exclusion in IrelandWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2009 Mapping patterns of multiple deprivation using self-organising maps: An application to EU-SILC data for IrelandPisati, Maurizio; Whelan, Christopher T.; Lucchini, Mario; Maître, Bertrand
2009 Understanding the socio-economic distribution and consequences of patterns of multiple deprivation: An application of self-organising mapsWhelan, Christopher T.; Lucchini, Mario; Pisati, Maurizio; Maître, Bertrand
2009 Welfare regime and social class variation in poverty and economic vulnerability in Europe: An analysis of EU-SILCWhelan, Christopher T.; Maître, Bertrand
2011 Economic vulnerability and severity of debt problems: An analysis of the Irish EU-SILC 2008Russell, Helen; Maître, Bertrand; Whelan, Christopher T.
2014 Who feels inferior? A test of the status anxiety hypothesis of social inequalities in healthLayte, Richard; Whelan, Christopher T.