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1999 Inflation is Always and Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon: Richmond vs. Houston in 1864Burdekin, Richard C.K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.
1999 Interest-Bearing Currency and Legal Restrictions Theory: Lessons from the Southern ConfederacyBurdekin, Richard C.K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.
1999 Turning Points during the U.S. Civil War: Views from the Grayback MarketWeidenmier, Marc D.
2000 Suppressing asset price inflation: The confederate experience, 1861-1865Burdekin, Richard C.K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.
2000 Did U.S. Agricultural Policy Lock Farmers into Wheat? The Capitalization of Farm Policies into Land Prices in the U.S and CanadaAlston, Lee J.; Rucker, Randal R.; Weidenmier, Marc D.
2000 The Politics of Selective Default: The Foreign Debts of the Confederate States of AmericaWeidenmier, Marc D.
2001 Real Shock, Monetary Aftershock: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the Panic of 1907Odell, Kerry; Weidenmier, Marc D.
2001 Crises in The Global Economy from Tulips to Today: Contagion and ConsequencesNeal, Larry; Weidenmier, Marc D.
2003 Putting Legal Restrictions Theory to the Test: An Arkansan Experiment, 1861-1863Weidenmier, Marc D.; Burdekin, Richard C. K.
2003 Circulating interest-bearing currency: an Arkansas experiment, 1861 - 1863Burdekin, Richard C. K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2004 Consols, Financial Stability, and Pax BritanniaBrown, William O.; Burdekin, Richard C. K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.
2005 Non-traditional open market operations: lessons from FDR's silver purchase programBurdekin, Richard C. K.; Weidenmier, Marc D.