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2010The crime reducing effect of educationMachin, Stephen; Marie, Olivier; Vujić, Sunčica
2010The effect of childhood conduct disorder on human capitalKoning, Pierre; Webbink, Dinand; Vujić, Sunčica; Martin, Nicholas G.
2012Youth crime and education expansionMachin, Stephen; Marie, Olivier; Vujić, Sunčica
2014Do Women Earn Less Even as Social Entrepreneurs?Estrin, Saul; Stephan, Ute; Vujić, Sunčica
2016Immigrant Volunteering: A Way Out of Labour Market Discrimination?Baert, Stijn; Vujić, Sunčica
2016Does It Pay to Care? Prosocial Engagement and Employment OpportunitiesBaert, Stijn; Vujić, Sunčica
2018From Elitist to Sustainable Earnings: Is there a group legitimacy in financial flows?Charles, Aurelie; Vujić, Sunčica
2019Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship?Baert, Stijn; Vujić, Sunčica; Amez, Simon; Claeskens, Matteo; Daman, Thomas; Maeckelberghe, Arno; Omey, Eddy; De Marez, Lieven
2019Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal DataAmez, Simon; Vujić, Sunčica; De Marez, Lieven; Baert, Stijn
2021The Labor Market and Fertility Impacts of Decreasing the Compulsory Schooling AgeAdamecz-Völgyi, Anna; Prinz, Dániel; Szabó-Morvai, Ágnes; Vujić, Sunčica
2021Deteriorated sleep quality does not explain the negative impact of smartphone use on academic performanceAmez, Simon; Vujić, Sunčica; Abrath, Margo; Baert, Stijn