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2013The production function of top R&D investors: Accounting for size and sector heterogeneity with quantile estimationsVezzani, Antonio; Montresor, Sandro
2014On the R&D giants' shoulders: Do FDI help to stand on them?Montresor, Sandro; Vezzani, Antonio
2014Intangible investments and innovation propensity. Evidence from the Innobarometer 2013Montresor, Sandro; Vezzani, Antonio
2015Top R&D investors and international knowledge seeking: the role of emerging technologies and technological proximityDosso, Mafini; Vezzani, Antonio
2015Patent Boxes Design, Patents Location and Local R&DAlstadsæter, Annette; Barrios Cobos, Salvador; Nicodème, Gaëtan; Skonieczna, Agnieszka Maria; Vezzani, Antonio
2015Patent Boxes Design, Patents Location and Local R&DAlstadsæter, Annette; Barrios, Salvador; Nicodème, Gaëtan J. A.; Skonieczna, Agnieszka; Vezzani, Antonio
2015R&D profitability: the role of risk and Knightian uncertaintyAmoroso, Sara; Moncada-Paternò-Castello, Pietro; Vezzani, Antonio
2015Multinationality, R&D and Productivity Evidence from the top R&D investors worldwideCastellani, Davide; Montresor, Sandro; Schubert, Torben; Vezzani, Antonio
2016Technological diffusion as a recombinant processGkotsis, Petros; Vezzani, Antonio
2016Regulation, red tape and location choices of top R&D investorsCiriaci, Daria; Grassano, Nicola; Vezzani, Antonio
2017Firm market valuation and intellectual property assetsDosso, Mafini; Vezzani, Antonio
2017Design, innovation and performance in European firmsMontresor, Sandro; Vezzani, Antonio
2017Manufacturing the future: is the manufacturing sector a driver of R&D, exports and productivity growth?Coad, Alexander; Vezzani, Antonio
2018Heterogeneity of technology-specific R&D investments. Evidence from top R&D investors worldwideGkotsis, Petros; Vezzani, Antonio
2019Financial constraints and intangible investments: Do innovative and non-innovative firms differ?Montresor, Sandro; Vezzani, Antonio
2019Labor mobility from R&D-intensive multinational companies: Implications for knowledge and technologyHolm, Jacob Rubæk; Timmermans, Bram; Østergaard, Christian R.; Coad, Alexander; Grassano, Nicola; Vezzani, Antonio