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2004 Do Financial Incentives Promote the Employment of the Disabled?Verick, Sher
2004 Non-Linearities in the Expansion of Capital StockPfann, Gerard A.; Letterie, Wilko; Verick, Sher
2004 Threshold Effects of Dismissal Protection Legislation in GermanyVerick, Sher
2004 Dynamics of Labour and Capital Adjustment : A Comparison of Germany and the NetherlandsPolder, Michael; Verick, Sher
2007 Understanding the drivers of poverty dynamics in Australian householdsBuddelmeyer, Hielke; Verick, Sher
2007 The linkages between FDI and domestic investment: Unravelling the developmental impact of foreign investmentNdikumana, Leonce; Verick, Sher
2008 The linkages between FDI and domestic investment: unravelling the developmental impact of foreign investment in Sub-Saharan AfricaNdikumana, LĂ©once; Verick, Sher
2009 Who is hit hardest during a financial crisis? The vulnerability of young men and women to unemployment in an economic downturnVerick, Sher
2010 The great recession of 2008 - 2009: Causes, consequences and policy responsesVerick, Sher; Islam, Iyanatul
2011 Giving up job search during a recession: The impact of the global financial crisis on the South African labour marketVerick, Sher
2013 Why did unemployment respond so differently to the global financial crisis across countries? Insights from Okun's LawCazes, Sandrine; Verick, Sher; Hussami, Fares Al
2014 Female labor force participation in developing countriesVerick, Sher
2018 The Puzzles and Contradictions of the Indian Labour Market: What Will the Future of Work Look Like?Verick, Sher
2018 Female labor force participation and developmentVerick, Sher