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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Gender differences in the labor market effects of the dollarGoldberg, Linda; Tracy, Joseph
2001 Exchange rates and wagesGoldberg, Linda; Tracy, Joseph
2003 Modeling uncertainty: Predictive accuracy as a proxy for predictive confidenceRich, Robert; Tracy, Joseph
2003 Using home maintenance and repairs to smooth variable earningsGyourko, Joseph; Tracy, Joseph
2006 The relationship between expected inflation, disagreement, and uncertainty: Evidence from matched point and density forecastsRich, Robert; Tracy, Joseph
2008 ESOP fables: The impact of employee stock ownership plans on labor disputesCramton, Peter; Mehran, Hamid; Tracy, Joseph
2008 Housing busts and household mobilityFerreira, Fernando; Gyourko, Joseph; Tracy, Joseph
2008 Juvenile delinquent mortgages: Bad credit or bad economy?Haughwout, Andrew; Peach, Richard; Tracy, Joseph
2009 Second chances: Subprime mortgage modification and re-defaultHaughwout, Andrew; Okah, Ebiere; Tracy, Joseph
2009 The homeownership gapHaughwout, Andrew; Peach, Richard; Tracy, Joseph
2009 Subprime mortgage pricing: The impact of race, ethnicity, and gender on the cost of borrowingHaughwout, Andrew; Mayer, Christopher; Tracy, Joseph
2010 A private lender cooperative model for residential mortgage financeDechario, Toni; Mosser, Patricia; Tracy, Joseph; Vickery, James; Wright, Joshua
2011 Early contract renegotiation: An analysis of US labor contracts form 1970 to 1995Rich, Robert; Tracy, Joseph
2011 Housing busts and household mobility: An updateFerreira, Fernando; Gyourko, Joseph; Tracy, Joseph
2011 Real estate investors, the leverage cycle, and the housing market crisisHaughwout, Andrew; Lee, Donghoon; Tracy, Joseph; van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2012 The supply side of the housing boom and bust of the 2000sHaughwout, Andrew; Peach, Richard W.; Sporn, John; Tracy, Joseph
2012 The measurement and behavior of uncertainty: Evidence from the ECB Survey of Professional ForecastersRich, Robert; Song, Joseph; Tracy, Joseph
2012 Payment changes and default risk: The impact of refinancing on expected credit lossesTracy, Joseph; Wright, Joshua
2012 A new look at second liensLee, Donghoon; Mayer, Christopher; Tracy, Joseph
2013 The capital structure and governance of a mortgage securitization utilityMosser, Patricia C.; Tracy, Joseph; Wright, Joshua