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1987 Income transfers to LDC's under asymmetric information: A two country modelThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Timothy
1988 Cartel stability in an exhaustible resource modelThomas, Jonathan P.
1988 Minimax punishments in discounted two-person supergamesThomas, Jonathan P.
1990 Foreign direct investment and the risk of expropriationThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
1993 Pooling sovereignty risks: The case of environmental treaties and international debtMohr, Ernst; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2000 An Analysis of Labour Adjustment Costs in Unionized EconomiesModesto, Leonor; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2002 Gift-Giving, Quasi-Credit and ReciprocityThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
2002 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvencyThomas, Jonathan P.
2003 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvency and their effect on capital flowsThomas, Jonathan P.
2006 Labour contracts, equal treatment and wage-unemployment dynamicsSnell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2007 Limited commitment models of the labor marketThomas, Jonathan P.; Worrall, Tim
2009 Real and nominal wage rigidity in a model of equal-treatment contractingMartins, Pedro Silva; Snell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2010 Measuring what employers really do about entry wages over the business cycleMartins, Pedro Silva; Solon, Gary; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2011 Minu, startu and all that: Pitfalls in estimating the sensitivity of a worker's wage to aggregate unemploymentMartins, Pedro S.; Snell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2016 Bias in Returns to Tenure When Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and SolutionMartins, Pedro S.; Snell, Andy; Stüber, Heiko; Thomas, Jonathan P.
2018 Downward Real Wage Rigidity and Equal Treatment Wage Contracts: Theory and EvidenceSnell, Andy; Stüber, Heiko; Thomas, Jonathan P.