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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Testing for Employee Discrimination Using Matched Employer-Employee Data: Theory and EvidenceFrijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2008 Interethnic marriage: a choice between ethnic and educational similaritiesFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2008 Tenure, wage profiles and monitoringSessions, John G.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2009 I'll marry you if you get me a job: marital assimilation and immigrant employment ratesFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2010 Why does intermarriage increase immigrant employment? ; the role of networksFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2011 The effect of variable pay schemes on workplace absenteeismPouliakas, Konstantinos; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2012 Immigrant networks and the take-up of disability programs: Evidence from US census dataFurtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2017 Employer Size and Supervisor Earnings: Evidence from BritainGreen, Colin; Heywood, John S.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2017 Worker Training and Quality CompetitionBilanakosa, Christos; Heywood, John S.; Sessions, John; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2019 Are Women Doing It For Themselves? Gender Segregation and the Gender Wage GapTheodoropoulos, Nikolaos; Forth, John; Bryson, Alex
2019 Who Goes on Disability When Times Are Tough? The Role of Social Costs of Take-Up Among ImmigrantsFurtado, Delia; Papps, Kerry L.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos
2020 Conscription and Educational Outcomes: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Republic of CyprusSavčić, Ružica; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos; Xefteris, Dimitrios
2020 Who Goes on Disability when Times are Tough? The Role of Work Norms among ImmigrantsFurtado, Delia; Papps, Kerry L.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos