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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 The Determinants and Consequences of Child Care Subsidies for Single MothersBlau, David M.; Tekin, Erdal
2001 Nonprofit Sector and Part-Time Work: An Analysis of Employer-Employee Matched Data of Child Care WorkersMocan, H. Naci; Tekin, Erdal
2002 Employment, Wages, and Alcohol Consumption in Russia: Evidence from Panel DataTekin, Erdal
2002 Catholic Schools and Bad BehaviorTekin, Erdal; Scafidi, Benjamin; Mocan, H. Naci
2002 Child Care Subsidies, Wages, and Employment of Single MothersTekin, Erdal
2003 Guns, drugs and juvenile crime : evidence from a panel of siblings and twinsMocan, H. Naci; Tekin, Erdal
2004 Single mothers working at night: Standard work, child care subsidies, and implications for welfare reformTekin, Erdal
2004 Single Mothers Working at Night: Standard Work, Child Care Subsidies, and Implications for Welfare ReformTekin, Erdal
2004 Child Care Subsidy Receipt, Employment, and Child Care Choices of Single MothersTekin, Erdal
2005 Suicidal Behavior and the Labor Market Productivity of Young AdultsTekin, Erdal; Markowitz, Sara
2006 Does child abuse cause crime?Currie, Janet; Tekin, Erdal
2006 Ugly criminalsMocan, H. Naci; Tekin, Erdal
2008 Might not be a tomorrow: a multi-methods approach to anticipated early death and youth crimeBrezina, Timothy; Tekin, Erdal; Topalli, Volkan
2008 Child care subsidies and child developmentHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2009 Child care subsidies and childhood obesityHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2010 The impact of child care subsidies on child well-being: Evidence from geographic variation in the distance to social service agenciesHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2011 Fathers and youth's delinquent behaviorCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Tekin, Erdal
2011 The psychological costs of war: Military combat and mental healthCesur, Resul; Sabia, Joseph J.; Tekin, Erdal
2011 The geographic accessibility of child care subsidies and evidence on the impact of subsidy receipt on childhood obesityHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2012 Child care subsidies, maternal well-being, and child-parent interactions: Evidence from three nationally representative datasetsHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal