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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Ethnic dimensions of suburbanisation in EstoniaTammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Leetmaa, Kadri; Kährik, Anneli
2011 Pre-hire factors and workplace ethnic segregationStrömgren, Magnus; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Marcinczak, Szymon; Stjernström, Olof; Lindgren, Urban
2015 Types of Spatial Mobility and the Ethnic Context of Destination Neighbourhoods in EstoniaMägi, Kadi; Leetmaa, Kadri; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten
2015 Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: Increasing Separation between Poor and RichMusterd, Sako; Marcińczak, Szymon; van Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2015 Gender Differences in the Effect of Residential Segregation on Workplace Segregation among Newly Arrived ImmigrantsTammaru, Tiit; Strömgren, Magnus; van Ham, Maarten; Danzer, Alexander M.
2016 EthniCity of Leisure: A Domains Approach to Ethnic Integration During Free Time ActivitiesKamenik, Kristiina; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten
2016 Spatial Segregation and Socio-Economic Mobility in European Citiesvan Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit; de Vuijst, Elise; Zwiers, Merle
2016 New Perspectives on Ethnic Segregation over Time and Space: A Domains Approachvan Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2017 Inequalities and Segregation across the Long-Term Economic Cycle: An Analysis of South and North European CitiesTammaru, Tiit; Marcińczak, Szymon; Aunap, Raivo; van Ham, Maarten
2017 Three Generations of Intergenerational Transmission of Neighbourhood ContextHedman, Lina; van Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2017 Does Segregation Reduce Socio-Spatial Mobility? Evidence from Four European Countries with Different Inequality and Segregation ContextsNieuwenhuis, Jaap; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Hedman, Lina; Manley, David