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1995 Fiscal policy and the business cycle associated with exchange rate-based stabilizations: Evidence from Uruguay's 1978 and 1991 programsTalvi, Ernesto
1996 Exchange rate-based stabilization with endogenous fiscal responseTalvi, Ernesto
1996 Managing Fiscal Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Volatility, Procyclicality, and Limited CreditworthinessGavin, Michael; Hausmann, Ricardo; Perotti, Roberto; Talvi, Ernesto
1997 Saving Behavior in Latin America: Overview and Policy IssuesGavin, Michael; Hausmann, Ricardo; Talvi, Ernesto
1998 Institutional Arrangements and Fiscal Performance: The Latin American ExperienceStein, Ernesto H.; Talvi, Ernesto; Grisanti, Alejandro
2001 Growth and External Financing in Latin AmericaReinhart, Carmen; Calvo, Guillermo A.; Fernández-Arias, Eduardo; Talvi, Ernesto
2001 The Growth-Interest Rate Cycle in the United States and its Consequences for Emerging MarketsReinhart, Carmen; Calvo, Guillermo A.; Fernández-Arias, Eduardo; Talvi, Ernesto
2003 Sudden Stops, the Real Exchange Rate and Fiscal Sustainability: Argentina's LessonsIzquierdo, Alejandro; Talvi, Ernesto; Calvo, Guillermo A.
2006 Phoenix miracles in emerging markets: Recovering without credit from systemic financial crisesCalvo, Guillermo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Talvi, Ernesto
2008 Booms and busts in Latin America: The role of external factorsIzquierdo, Alejandro; Romero, Randall; Talvi, Ernesto