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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Constitutional Determinants of Government SpendingTabellini, Guido
2001 Electoral Rules and CorruptionPersson, Torsten; Tabellini, Guido; Trebbi, Francesco
2001 Political Institutions and Policy Outcomes: What Are the Stylized Facts?Persson, Torsten; Tabellini, Guido
2002 Principles of policy making in a larger Europe: What constitution fits the union?Tabellini, Guido; Brok, Elmar
2004 The role of the state in economic developmentTabellini, Guido
2004 Economic and political liberalizationsGiavazzi, Francesco; Tabellini, Guido
2004 How Do Electoral Rules Shape Party Structures, Government Coalitions, and Economic Policies?Persson, Torsten; Roland, Gerard; Tabellini, Guido
2004 Bureaucrats or Politicians?Alesina, Alberto; Tabellini, Guido
2005 Culture and institutions : economic development in the regions of EuropeTabellini, Guido
2005 Why is fiscal policy often procyclical?Alesina, Alberto; Tabellini, Guido
2006 Democracy and development : the devil in the detailsPersson, Torsten; Tabellini, Guido
2007 The growth effect of democracy: is it heterogenous and how can it be estimated?Persson, Torsten; Tabellini, Guido
2008 The scope of cooperation: values and incentivesTabellini, Guido
2008 Open letter to European leaders on Europe's banking crisis: A call to actionAlesina, Alberto; Baldwin, Richard; Boeri, Tito; Buiter, Willem H.; Giavazzi, Francesco; Gros, Daniel; Micossi, Stefano; Tabellini, Guido; Wyplosz, Charles; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2008 Europas Bankenkrise: ein Aufruf zum HandelnAlesina, Alberto; Baldwin, Richard; Boeri, Tito; Buiter, Willem; Giavazzi, Francesco; Gros, Daniel; Micossi, Stefano; Tabellini, Guido; Wyplosz, Charles; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2009 Moderating political extremism: single round vs runoff elections under plurality ruleBordignon, Massimo; Tabellini, Guido
2009 The Effect of Culture on the Functioning of Institutions: Evidence from European RegionsTabellini, Guido; Harari, Mariaflavia
2010 Social capital and political accountabilityNannicini, Tommaso; Stella, Andrea; Tabellini, Guido; Troiano, Ugo
2010 The political resource curseBrollo, Fernanda; Nannicini, Tommaso; Perotti, Roberto; Tabellini, Guido
2013 Moderating Political Extremism: Single Round vs Runoff Elections under Plurality RuleBordignon, Massimo; Nannicini, Tommaso; Tabellini, Guido