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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Reconsidering the Choice between Takeover and Greenfield OperationsAndersson, Thomas; Arvidsson, Niklas; Svensson, Roger
1993 Domestic and Foreign Investment by Swedish MultinationalsSvensson, Roger
1993 Evidence on Declining Exports Due to Overseas ProductionSvensson, Roger
1994 R&D in Swedish Multinational CorporationsFors, Gunnar; Svensson, Roger
1994 R&D and Foreign Sales: Evidence from Swedish MultinationalsSvensson, Roger; Fors, Gunnar
1994 Multinational Corporations, Country Characteristics, and Clustering in Foreign Direct InvestmentBraunerhjelm, Pontus; Svensson, Roger
1998 Exporting Consultancy Services in the Infrastructure Sectors: The Determinants of Obtaining AssignmentsSvensson, Roger
2000 Visits to the Client when Tendering for Consulting Contracts: Sourcing Information or Influencing the Client?Svensson, Roger
2001 Unfair Competition by Government Firms and Authorities in the Consulting MarketSvensson, Roger
2002 Commercialization of Swedish Patents: A Pilot Study in the Medical and Hygiene SectorSvensson, Roger
2004 Commercialization of Patents and External Financing during the R&D-PhaseSvensson, Roger
2006 Innovation Performance and Government FinancingSvensson, Roger
2007 The Inventor’s Role: Was Schumpeter Right?Braunerhjelm, Pontus; Svensson, Roger
2008 Renewal of Patents and Government FinancingSvensson, Roger
2009 Creative Destruction and Productive PreemptionNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Svensson, Roger
2011 Commercialization, Renewal and Quality of PatentsSvensson, Roger
2012 Micro Evidence on International PatentingMaurseth, Per Botolf; Svensson, Roger
2013 Re-Coinage as a Monetary Tax: Conditions, Consequences and Comparisons with DebasementSvensson, Roger
2013 The bracteate as economic idea and monetary instrumentSvensson, Roger
2013 Creative destruction and productive preemptionNorbäck, Pehr-Johan; Persson, Lars; Svensson, Roger