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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Non-fundamental exchange rate volatility and welfareStraub, Roland; Tchakarov, Ivan
2004 Technology shocks and robust sign restrictions in a euro area SVARPeersman, Gert; Straub, Roland
2005 Does government spending crowd in private consumption? Theory and empirical evidence for the euro areaCoenen, Günter; Straub, Roland
2007 Tax reform and labour-market performance in the euro area: a simulation-based analysis using the New Area-Wide ModelCoenen, Günter; McAdam, Peter; Straub, Roland
2007 Assessing the impact of a change in the composition of public spending: a DSGE approachStraub, Roland; Tchakarov, Ivan
2008 Fiscal consolidation in the euro area: long-run benefits and short-run costs.Coenen, Günter; Mohr, Matthias; Straub, Roland
2008 Globalisation and the euro area: simulation based analysis using the New Area Wide ModelStraub, Roland; Jacquinot, Pascal
2008 International transmission and monetary policy cooperationCoenen, Günter; Lombardo, Giovanni; Smets, Frank; Straub, Roland
2008 What drives U.S. current account fluctuations?Barnett, Alina; Straub, Roland
2008 A framework for assessing global imbalancesBracke, Thierry; Bussière, Matthieu; Fidora, Michael; Straub, Roland
2009 The external and domestic side of macroeconomic adjustment in ChinaStraub, Roland; Thimann, Christian
2009 Asset prices and current account fluctuations in G7 economiesFratzscher, Marcel; Straub, Roland
2009 Monetary Policy Shocks and Portfolio ChoiceFratzscher, Marcel; Saborowski, Christian; Straub, Roland
2010 Time variation in U.S. wage dynamicsHofmann, Boris; Straub, Roland; Peersman, Gert
2010 Size, openness, and macroeconomic interdependenceChudik, Alexander; Straub, Roland
2010 Protectionist responses to the crisis – global trends and implicationsBussière, Matthieu; Pérez-Barreiro, Emilia; Straub, Roland; Taglioni, Daria
2010 Time variation in U.S. wage dynamicsHofmann, Boris; Peersman, Gert; Straub, Roland
2012 Asset market participation, monetary policy rules and the great inflationBilbiie, Florin O.; Straub, Roland
2012 Fiscal policy and the 'Great Recession' in the euro areaCoenen, Günter; Straub, Roland; Trabandt, Mathias
2012 Bubble thy neighbor: portfolio effects and externalities from capital controlsForbes, Kristin; Fratzscher, Marcel; Kostka, Thomas; Straub, Roland