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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 The Economic Effects of Democratic ParticipationMueller, Dennis C.; Stratmann, Thomas
2002 Plurality Rule, Proportional Representation, and the German Bundestag: How Incentives to Pork-Barrel Differ Across Electoral SystemsStratmann, Thomas; Baur, Martin
2003 Tainted Money? Contribution Limits and the Effectiveness of Campaign SpendingStratmann, Thomas
2003 Do Strict Electoral Campaign Finance Rules Limit Corruption?Stratmann, Thomas
2006 Selling favors in the lab: experiments on campaign finance reformHouser, Daniel; Stratmann, Thomas
2008 Reduction of Employment Protection in OECD Countries: Its Driving ForcesOchel, Wolfgang; Röhn, Oliver; Rohwer, Anja; Stratmann, Thomas
2009 Institutionalized bailouts and fiscal policy : the consequences of soft budget constraintsFink, Alexander; Stratmann, Thomas
2009 The Effect of Abortion Liberalization on Sexual Behavior: International EvidenceKlick, Jonathan; Neelsen, Sven; Stratmann, Thomas
2010 Effects of prenatal and early life malnutrition: Evidence from the Greek famineNeelsen, Sven; Stratmann, Thomas
2011 Campaign Contributions – What Do They Buy and Should They be Capped?Stratmann, Thomas
2012 Politics, unemployment, and the enforcement of immigration lawMakowsky, Michael D.; Stratmann, Thomas
2014 Altruistic Punishment in ElectionsAimone, Jason A.; Butera, Luigi; Stratmann, Thomas
2014 Creeping Normalcy: Fractionation of Indian Land OwnershipRuss, Jake; Stratmann, Thomas
2014 Distributional Consequences of Political RepresentationMaaser, Nicola; Stratmann, Thomas
2014 The Political Economy of Sales Taxes and Sales Tax ExemptionsMilitaru, Andreea; Stratmann, Thomas
2015 Better fiscal rules for Europe: Reflections based on new empirical evidenceAsatryan, Zareh; Foremny, Dirk; Heinemann, Friedrich; Solé-Ollé, Albert; Stratmann, Thomas; Yeter, Mustafa
2016 The Efficacy of Political Advertising: A Voter Participation Field Experiment with Multiple Robo Calls and Controls for Selection EffectsKling, Daniel; Stratmann, Thomas
2016 Balanced Budget Rules and Fiscal Outcomes: Evidence from Historical ConstitutionsAsatryan, Zareh; Castellón, César; Stratmann, Thomas
2016 Dial 911 for Murder: The Impact of Emergency Response Time on HomicidesStratmann, Thomas; Thomas, David Chandler
2017 Balanced budget rules and fiscal outcomes: Evidence from historical constitutionsAsatryan, Zareh; Castellón, Cesar; Stratmann, Thomas