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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1992 Where have all the workers gone? Employment termination in East Germany after unificationLicht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1992 Re-migration behaviour and expected duration of stay of guest-workers in GermanySteiner, Viktor; Velling, Johannes
1993 Long-term unemployment during the transition to a market economy: Eastern Germany after unificationSteiner, Viktor
1993 Testing for state dependence effects in a dynamic model of male unemployment behaviourFlaig, Gebhard; Licht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1993 Assimilation, labour market experience, and earnings profiles of temporary and permanent immigrant workers in germanyLicht, Georg; Steiner, Viktor
1994 Labour market transitions and the persistence of unemployment: West Germany 1983 - 1992Steiner, Viktor
1994 The East German wage structure in the transition to a market economySteiner, Viktor; Bellmann, Lutz
1995 The Polish labour market in transitionSteiner, Viktor; Kwiatkowski, Eugeniusz
1995 Modelling heaping effects in unemployment duration models - With an application to retrospective event data in the German socio-economic panelKraus, Florian; Steiner, Viktor
1996 Die Entwicklung der Lohnstruktur im ostdeutschen TransformationsprozeßSteiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1996 Public works for Poland? Active labour market policies during transitionPuhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1996 Has earnings inequality in Germany changed in the 1980's?Steiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1996 Employment and Wage Effects of Social Security Financing: An Empirical Analysis of the West German Experience and some Policy SimulationsSteiner, Viktor
1997 Extended benefit entitlement periods and the duration of unemployment in West GermanySteiner, Viktor
1997 Relative Earnings and the Demand for Unskilled Labor in West German ManufacturingSteiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1997 Employment Effects of Publicly Financed Training Programs The East German ExperienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor
1997 East West German wage convergence - How far have we got?Steiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten
1997 Economic Restructuring, the Value of Human Capital, and the Distribution of Hourly Wages in Eastern Germany, 1990 to 1994Steiner, Viktor; Puhani, Patrick A.
1998 Empirical macromodels under test: a comparative simulation study of the employment effects of a revenue neutral cut in social security contributionsBuscher, Herbert S.; Buslei, Hermann; Göggelmann, Klaus; Koschel, Henrike; Ramb, Fred; Schmidt, Tobias F. N.; Steiner, Viktor; Winker, Peter
1998 Do public works programs work? Some unpleasant results from the East German experienceKraus, Florian; Puhani, Patrick A.; Steiner, Viktor