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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 A model with endogenous programme participation: evaluating the tax credit in FranceBloemen, Hans G.; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2008 How do parents allocate time? The effects of wages and incomeBloemen, Hans G.; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2008 Modelling the employment and wage outcomes of spouses: is she outearning him?Bloemen, Hans G.; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2008 An empirical analysis of the time allocation of Italian couples: are Italian men irresponsive?Bloemen, Hans G.; Pasqua, Silvia; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2009 Commuting, wages and bargaining powerRupert, Peter; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.; Wasmer, Etienne
2010 Does income taxation affect partners' household chores?van Soest, Arthur; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2010 Her time, his time, or the maid's time: An analysis of the demand for domestic workStancanelli, Elena G. F.; Stratton, Leslie Sundt
2011 Retirement and home production: A regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F.; van Soest, Arthur
2012 Spouses' retirement and hours outcomes: Evidence from twofold regression discontinuity with differences-in-differencesStancanelli, Elena G. F.
2012 Joint leisure before and after retirement: A double regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F.; van Soest, Arthur
2013 Which Children Stabilize Marriage?Bellido, Héctor; Molina, José Alberto; Solaz, Anne; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2013 Household Consumption at Retirement: A Regression Discontinuity Study on French DataMoreau, Nicolas; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2014 Long Workweeks and Strange HoursHamermesh, Daniel S.; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2014 Divorcing Upon Retirement: A Regression Discontinuity StudyStancanelli, Elena G. F.
2016 Individual Well-Being and the Allocation of Time Before and After the Boston Marathon Terrorist BombingClark, Andrew E.; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
2016 Couples' Retirement under Individual Pension Design: A Regression Discontinuity Study for FranceStancanelli, Elena G. F.
2019 Marital Status and Retirement: An Empirical Study for FranceDoorley, Karina; Stancanelli, Elena G. F.