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2001Reducing child malnutrition: How far does income growth take us?Alderman, Harold; Appleton, Simon; Haddad, Lawrence; Song, Lina; Yohannes, Yisehac
2008Life satisfaction in urban China: components and determinantsSong, Lina; Appleton, Simon
2008The economics of communist party membership: the curious case of rising numbers and wage premium during China's transitionAppleton, Simon; Knight, John; Song, Lina; Xia, Qingjie
2008Social protection and migration in China: what can protect migrants from economic uncertainty?Song, Lina; Appleton, Simon
2008Determinants of managerial values on corporate social responsibility: evidence from ChinaZu, Liangrong; Song, Lina
2008Growing out of poverty: trends and patterns of urban poverty in China 1988 - 2002Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina; Xia, Qingjie
2008In search of gender bias in household resource allocation in rural ChinaSong, Lina
2008Internal finance and growth: microeconometric evidence on Chinese firmsGuariglia, Alessandra; Liu, Xiaoxuan; Song, Lina
2012Understanding urban wage inequality in China 1988 - 2008: Evidence from quantile analysisAppleton, Simon; Song, Lina; Xia, Qingjie
2013The effects of the state sector on wage inequality in urban China: 1988 - 2007Xia, Qingjie; Song, Lina; Li, Shi; Appleton, Simon
2013Job Contact Networks and Wages of Rural-Urban Migrants in ChinaLong, Wenjin; Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina
2016Deconstructing Informality: A Response to Vulnerability or an Optimal Choice?Song, Lina; Appleton, Simon; Liang, Zhe
2016Informal Employment in China: Trends, Patterns and Determinants of EntryLiang, Zhe; Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina
2017The Determinants of Virtue: Modelling Changes in the CSR Ratings of Chinese FirmsWu, Shuangqi; Appleton, Simon; Song, Lina; Wang, Jinmin
2017Consumption inequality in urban China, 1995-2013Xia, Qingjie; Li, Shi; Song, Lina
2017Urban Consumption Inequality in China, 1995–2013Xia, Qingjie; Li, Shi; Song, Lina