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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 The Demographic Transition and the Sexual Division of LaborFalcão, Bruno L. S.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2006 On the determinants of mortality reductions in the developing worldSoares, Rodrigo R.
2007 Altruism, Fertility, and the Value of Children: Health Policy Evaluation and Intergenerational WelfareBirchenall, Javier A.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2009 Institutional Development and Colonial Heritage within BrazilNaritomi, Joana; Soares, Rodrigo R.; Assunção, Juliano J.
2010 Organization and Information in the Fight against Crime: An Evaluation of the Integration of Police Forces in the State of Minas Gerais, BrazilSoares, Rodrigo R.; Viveiros, Igor
2010 Welfare Costs of Crime and Common Violence: A Critical ReviewSoares, Rodrigo R.
2011 The use of violence ini llegal markets: evidence from mahogany trade in the Brazilian AmazonChimeli, Ariaster B.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2011 Access to justice and entrepreneurship: evidence from Brazil’s Special Civil TribunalsLichand, Guilherme; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2011 The use of violence in illegal markets: Evidence from mahogany trade in the Brazilian AmazonChimeli, Ariaster B.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2011 Custo de bem-estar da violência letal no Brasil e desigualdades regionais, educacionais e de gêneroCerqueira, Daniel Ricardo de Castro; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2011 Access to justice and entrepreneurship: Evidence from Brazil's special civil tribunalsLichand, Guilherme; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2012 Water Scarcity and Birth Outcomes in the Brazilian SemiaridRocha, Rudi; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2012 The Welfare Cost of Homicides in Brazil: Accounting for Heterogeneity in the Willingness to Pay for Mortality ReductionsCerqueira, Daniel R. C.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2012 Spillovers from conditional cash transfer programs: Bolsa Família and crime in urban BrazilChioda, Laura; de Mello, João M. P.; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2013 Living on the Edge: Youth Entry, Career and Exit in Drug-Selling GangsCarvalho, Leandro; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2014 Gary Becker's Contributions in Health EconomicsSoares, Rodrigo R.
2015 Human Capital Persistence and DevelopmentRocha, Rudi; Ferraz, Claudio; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2016 Workforce Composition, Productivity, and Labor Regulations in a Compensating Differentials Theory of InformalityHaanwinckel, Daniel; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2016 Competition and the Racial Wage Gap: Testing Becker's Model of Employer DiscriminationHirata, Guilherme; Soares, Rodrigo R.
2016 Local Labor Market Conditions and Crime: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade LiberalizationDix-Carneiro, Rafael; Soares, Rodrigo R.; Ulyssea, Gabriel