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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Gender Wage Differentials: New Cross-Country EvidenceCallan, Tim; Adams, S.; Smith, Nina; Dex, Shirley; Gustafsson, Siv; Schupp, Jürgen
1996 Income Inequality and Income Mobility in the Scandinavian Countries Compared to the United StatesAaberge, Rolf; Björklund, Anders; Jäntti, Markus; Palme, Mårten; Pedersen, Peder J.; Smith, Nina; Wennemo, Tom
1997 Unemployment Shocks and Income Distribution How Did the Nordic Countries Fare During their Crises?Aaberge, Rolf; Björklund, Anders; Jäntti, Markus; Pedersen, Peder J.; Smith, Nina; Wennemo, Tom
2000 Employment and Wage Assimilation of Male First Generation Immigrants in DenmarkHusted, Leif; Nielsen, Helena Skyt; Rosholm, Michael; Smith, Nina
2001 Children and Career Interruptions: The Family Gap in DenmarkDatta Gupta, Nabanita; Smith, Nina
2001 Intergenerational Transmissions and the School-to-Work Transition of 2nd Generation ImmigrantsSkyt Nielsen, Helena; Rosholm, Michael; Smith, Nina; Husted, Leif
2001 Unemployment Traps: Do Financial Dis-incentives Matter?Pedersen, Peder J.; Smith, Nina
2001 Qualifications, Discrimination, or Assimilation? An Extended Framework for Analysing Immigrant Wage GapsSkyt Nielsen, Helena; Rosholm, Michael; Smith, Nina; Husted, Leif
2001 Overtime Work Dual Job Holding and TaxationFrederiksen, Anders; Graversen, Ebbe Krogh; Smith, Nina
2003 Swimming Upstream, Floating Downstream: Comparing Women's Relative Wage Position in the U.S. and DenmarkGupta, Nabanita Datta; Oaxaca, Ronald L.; Smith, Nina
2003 The Educational Attainment of the Children of the Danish ?Guest Worker? ImmigrantsJakobsen, Vibeke; Smith, Nina
2003 Timing and Flexibility of Housework and Men and Women's WagesBonke, Jens; Gupta, Nabanita Datta; Smith, Nina
2004 Selection or Network Effects? : Migration Flows into 27 OECD Countries, 1990-2000Pedersen, Peder J.; Pytlikova, Mariola; Smith, Nina
2004 The Impact of Family-Friendly Policies in Denmark and Sweden on Mothers? Career Interruptions Due to ChildbirthPylkkänen, Elina; Smith, Nina
2005 Do women in top management affect firm performance? A panel study of 2500 Danish firmsSmith, Nina; Smith, Valdemar; Verner, Mette
2005 Is marriage poisonous? - Are relationships taxing? An analysis of the male marital wage differential in DenmarkGupta, Nabanita Datta; Smith, Nina; Stratton, Leslie Sundt
2006 Child care and parental leave in the Nordic countries: a model to aspire to?Gupta, Nabanita Datta; Smith, Nina; Verner, Mette
2007 The effect of marriage on education of immigrants: evidence from a policy reform restricting spouse importSkyt Nielsen, Helena; Smith, Nina; Celikaksoy, Aycan
2010 The gender pay gap in top corporate jobs in Denmark: Glass ceilings, sticky floors or both?Smith, Nina; Smith, Valdemar; Verner, Mette
2011 Why are so few females promoted into CEO and vice-president positions? Danish empirical evidence 1997-2007Smith, Nina; Smith, Valdemar; Verner, Mette