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2003 Trade integration and business cycle synchronization in East AsiaShin, Kwanho; Wang, Yunjong
2003 A currency union in East AsiaLee, Jong-Wha; Park, Yung Chul; Shin, Kwanho
2003 Why are the wages of job stayers procyclical?Shin, Donggyun; Shin, Kwanho
2003 Monetary integration ahead of trade integration in East Asia?Shin, Kwanho; Wang, Yunjong
2008 Global and regional shocks: Challenges to Asian economiesShin, Kwanho
2009 The Decline of Investment in East Asia since the Asian Financial Crisis: An Overview and Empirical ExaminationPark, Dong-hyun; Shin, Kwanho; Jongwanich, Juthathip
2009 The People's Republic of China as an Engine of Growth for Developing Asia? Evidence from Vector Autoregression ModelsPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2009 Saving, Investment, and Current Account Surplus in Developing AsiaPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2009 Can Trade with the People's Republic of China be an Engine of Growth for Developing Asia?Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2011 Impact of Population Aging on Asia's Future GrowthPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2011 When Fast Growing Economies Slow Down: International Evidence and Implications for the People's Republic of ChinaEichengreen, Barry; Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2012 Performance of the Service Sector in the Republic of Korea: An Empirical InvestigationPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2012 The Service Sector in Asia: Is It an Engine of Growth?Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2015 Economic Growth, Financial Development, and Income InequalityPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2015 Financial Integration in Asset and Liability Holdings in East AsiaPark, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2016 Effects of the People's Republic of China's structural change on the exports of East and Southeast Asian economiesLee, Hyun-hoon; Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2016 Deflation in Asia: Should the dangers be dismissed?Eichengreen, Barry; Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2017 A contagion through exposure to foreign banks during the global financial crisisPark, Cyn-young; Shin, Kwanho
2017 The landscape of economic growth: Do middle-income countries differ?Eichengreen, Barry; Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho
2018 Do local currency bond markets enhance financial stability?Park, Donghyun; Shin, Kwanho; Tian, Shu