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1976 Employment policies in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1988 The World Bank's structural adjustment loans: a critiqueShams, Rasul
1988 Adjustment policy and interest groups in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1989 Adjustment constraints in developing countries: A comparative studyShams, Rasul
1992 The drugs economy and anti-drug policy in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1994 Tax reforms and equity in ACP countriesHolthus, Manfred; Shams, Rasul
1995 Eco-labelling and environmental policy efforts in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1995 Environmental policy and interest groups in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1997 Are trade and industrial policies still economically justifiable?Shams, Rasul
1998 "Natural integration": A new approach to integration policy in developing countriesShams, Rasul
2002 Is it time for a world currency?Shams, Rasul
2002 Why do countries form regions? The political economy of regional integrationShams, Rasul
2003 Regional integration in developing countries: Some lessons based on case studiesShams, Rasul
2003 Trade Effects of the East African Community: Do We Need a Transitional Fund?Busse, Matthias; Shams, Rasul
2003 Trade Imbalances and the Political Economy of a Transitional Fund in the EACShams, Rasul
2004 A Critical Assessment of Islamic EconomicsShams, Rasul
2004 The World Bank as an International Financial InstitutionShams, Rasul
2005 Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate 1999-2004: Dollar and Euro as International CurrenciesShams, Rasul
2005 The Drive to Economic Integration in AfricaShams, Rasul