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2001Saving and growth in an open economyClaus, Iris; Haugh, David; Scobie, Grant; Tornquist, Jonas
2001Household Net Wealth: An International ComparisonClaus, Iris; Scobie, Grant
2002The Economics of Population AgeingStephenson, John; Scobie, Grant
2002Saving in New Zealand: Measurement and TrendsClaus, Iris; Scobie, Grant
2003Population Ageing in New Zealand: The Impact on Living Standards and the Optimal Rate of Saving with a Flexible Real Exchange RateGuest, Ross; Scobie, Grant; Bryant, John
2003Population Ageing In New Zealand: Implications for Living Standards and the Optimal Rate of SavingGuest, Ross; Bryant, John; Scobie, Grant
2004Saving for Retirement: New Evidence for New ZealandScobie, Grant; Gibson, John; Le, Trinh
2004Women's Retirement Incomes in New Zealand: A Household Bargaining ApproachGibson, John; Le, Trinh; Scobie, Grant
2005Capital Shallowness: A Problem for New Zealand?Hall, Julia; Scobie, Grant
2007Housing in the Household Portfolio and Implications for Retirement Saving: Some Initial Finding from SOFIEScobie, Grant; Le, Trinh; Gibson, John
2008The Contribution of Foreign Borrowing to the New Zealand EconomyMakin, Anthony; Zhang, Wei; Scobie, Grant
2014Pensions, Savings and Housing: A Life-cycle Framework with Policy SimulationsCreedy, John; Gemmell, Norman; Scobie, Grant
2015Long-run Fiscal Projections under Uncertainty: The Case of New ZealandBall, Christopher; Creedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2015Debt Projections and Fiscal Sustainability with Feedback EffectsCreedy, John; Scobie, Grant
2016Optimal Timing of Tax Policy in the Face of Projected Debt IncreasesBall, Chris; Creedy, John; Scobie, Grant