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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 South Africa’s economic prospects after the electionsSchnatz, Bernd
1998 Sovereign credit ratings, emerging market risk and financial market volatility: a commentarySchnatz, Bernd
1998 Macroeconomic determinants of currency turbulences in emerging marketsSchnatz, Bernd
1998 Makroökonomische Bestimmungsgründe von Währungsturbulenzen in "Emerging Markets"Schnatz, Bernd
2000 The determinants of the euro-dollar exchange rate: synthetic fundamentals and a non-existing currencyClostermann, Jörg; Schnatz, Bernd
2000 Speculative attacks in emerging markets: The role of macroeconomic fundamentalsSchnatz, Bernd
2001 Determinants of the euro real effective exchange rate: a BEER/PEER approachMaeso-Fernandez, Francisco; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2003 The rise of the yen vis--vis the ("synthetic") euro: is it supported by economic fundamentals?Schnatz, Bernd; Osbat, Chiara; Rüffer, Rasmus
2003 Productivity and the ('synthetic') euro-dollar exchange rateSchnatz, Bernd; Vijselaar, Focco; Osbat, Chiara
2004 Towards the estimation of equilibrium exchange rates for CEE acceding countries: methodological issues and a panel cointegration perspectiveMaeso-Fernandez, Francisco; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2005 Trade integration of Central and Eastern European countries: lessons from a gravity modelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Is reversion to PPP in euro exchange rates non-linear?Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Evaluating China’s integration in world trade with a gravity model based benchmarkBussière, Matthieu; Schnatz, Bernd
2007 Explaining and forecasting euro area exports: which competitiveness indicator performs best?Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Schnatz, Bernd
2009 Leading indicators in a globalised worldFichtner, Ferdinand; Rüffer, Rasmus; Schnatz, Bernd
2010 Global commodity cycles and linkages a FAVAR approachLombardi, Marco J.; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2012 Survey-based nowcasting of US growth: a real-time forecast comparison over more than 40 yearsD’Agostino, Antonello; Schnatz, Bernd