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1994 South Africa’s economic prospects after the electionsSchnatz, Bernd
1998 Macroeconomic determinants of currency turbulences in emerging marketsSchnatz, Bernd
1998 Makroökonomische Bestimmungsgründe von Währungsturbulenzen in "Emerging Markets"Schnatz, Bernd
1998 Sovereign credit ratings, emerging market risk and financial market volatility: a commentarySchnatz, Bernd
2000 The determinants of the euro-dollar exchange rate: synthetic fundamentals and a non-existing currencyClostermann, Jörg; Schnatz, Bernd
2000 Speculative attacks in emerging markets: The role of macroeconomic fundamentalsSchnatz, Bernd
2001 Determinants of the euro real effective exchange rate: a BEER/PEER approachMaeso-Fernandez, Francisco; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2003 The rise of the yen vis--vis the ("synthetic") euro: is it supported by economic fundamentals?Schnatz, Bernd; Osbat, Chiara; Rüffer, Rasmus
2003 Productivity and the ('synthetic') euro-dollar exchange rateSchnatz, Bernd; Vijselaar, Focco; Osbat, Chiara
2004 Towards the estimation of equilibrium exchange rates for CEE acceding countries: methodological issues and a panel cointegration perspectiveMaeso-Fernandez, Francisco; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2005 Trade integration of Central and Eastern European countries: lessons from a gravity modelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2005 Trade Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries: Lessons from a Gravity ModelBussière, Matthieu; Fidrmuc, Jarko; Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Is reversion to PPP in euro exchange rates non-linear?Schnatz, Bernd
2006 Evaluating China’s integration in world trade with a gravity model based benchmarkBussière, Matthieu; Schnatz, Bernd
2007 Explaining and forecasting euro area exports: which competitiveness indicator performs best?Ca' Zorzi, Michele; Schnatz, Bernd
2009 Leading indicators in a globalised worldFichtner, Ferdinand; Rüffer, Rasmus; Schnatz, Bernd
2010 Global commodity cycles and linkages a FAVAR approachLombardi, Marco J.; Osbat, Chiara; Schnatz, Bernd
2012 Survey-based nowcasting of US growth: a real-time forecast comparison over more than 40 yearsD’Agostino, Antonello; Schnatz, Bernd