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2004Forecast quality and simple instrument rules: a real-time data approachGlück, Heinz; Schleicher, Stefan P.
2007Stringency and Distribution in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme –The 2005 EvidenceSchleicher, Stefan P.; Kettner, Claudia; Köppl, Angela; Thenius, Gregor
2012Scanning for global greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and their distributionsSchleicher, Stefan P.; Köppl, Angela
2015Deepening the scope of the "economic model": Functionalities, structures, mechanisms, and institutionsSchleicher, Stefan P.
2016Extending the EU Commission’s Proposal for a Reform of the EU Emissions Trading SystemSchleicher, Stefan P.; Köppl, Angela; Zeitlberger, Alexander
2018What will make energy systems sustainable?Köppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.
2021Application of the concept of "functionalities" in macroeconomic modelling frameworks - Insights for Austria and methodological lessons learned. EconTrans working paper #4Bachner, Gabriel; Mayer, Jakob; Fischer, Laura; Steininger, Karl W.; Sommer, Mark; Köppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.
2021The concept of "functionalities" in a macroeconomic modelling framework - Insights for Austria. EconTrans working paper #3Sommer, Mark; Köppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.; Bachner, Gabriel; Mayer, Jakob; Fischer, Laura; Steininger, Karl W.
2023Klima- und umweltrelevante öffentliche Ausgaben in ÖsterreichKöppl, Angela; Schleicher, Stefan P.; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2023Enthüllt die multiple Krisensituation Defizite bei politischen und ökonomischen Konzepten?Schleicher, Stefan P.