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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 The Geography of Knowledge Spillovers between High-Technology Firms in Europe - Evidence from a Spatial Interaction Modelling PerspectiveFischer, Manfred M.; Scherngell, Thomas; Jansenberger, Eva
2010 The Community Structure of R&D Cooperation in Europe. Evidence from a social networks perspectiveBarber, Michael J.; Fischer, Manfred M.; Scherngell, Thomas
2011 Integration in the European Research Area by means of the European Framework Programmes. Findings from Eigenvector filtered spatial interaction modelsScherngell, Thomas; Lata, Rafael
2011 How do distinct firm characteristics affect behavioural additionalities of public R&D subsidies? Empirical evidence from a binary regression analysisWanzenböck, Iris; Scherngell, Thomas; Manfred, Fischer
2011 Is the European R&D network homogeneous? spatial interaction modeling of network communities determined using graph theoretic methodsBarber, Michael; Scherngell, Thomas
2012 Research collaboration and regional knowledge production in EuropeHidas, Slavomir; Wolska, Martyna; Fischer, Manfred M; Scherngell, Thomas
2012 Inter-regional betweenness centrality in the European R&D network: Empirical investigation using European Framework dataBarber, Michael; Scherngell, Thomas
2012 What determines the embeddedness of European regions in EU funded R&D networks? Evidence using graph theoretic approaches and spatial panel modeling techniquesWanzenböck, Iris; Scherngell, Thomas; Lata, Rafael
2012 Integration Processes in European R&D: A comparative spatial interaction approach using project based R&D networks, co-publication networks and co-patent networksLata, Rafael; Scherngell, Thomas; Brenner, Thomas
2013 What determines the position of regions in European knowledge networks? A comparative perspective on R&D collaboration, co-patent and co-publication networksWanzenböck, Iris; Scherngell, Thomas; Brenner, Thomas
2013 Effects of knowledge capital on total factor productivity in China: A spatial econometric perspectiveScherngell, Thomas; Borowiecki, Martin; Hu, Yuanjia
2013 Embeddedness of regions in European knowledge networks. A comparative analysis of inter-regional R and D collaborations, co-patents and co-publicationsWanzenböck, Iris; Scherngell, Thomas; Brenner, Thomas