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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008The FDI recession has begunSauvant, Karl P.
2010What will an appreciation of China's currency do to inward and outward FDI?Sauvant, Karl P.; Davies, Ken
2011From the FDI Triad to multiple FDI poles?Economou, Persephone; Sauvant, Karl P.
2012State-controlled entities control nearly US$ 2 trillion in foreign assetsSauvant, Karl P.; Strauss, Jonathan
2012A China – US bilateral investment treaty: A template for a multilateral framework for investment?Sauvant, Karl P.; Chen, Huiping
2012The unbalanced dragon: China's uneven provincial and regional FDI performanceSauvant, Karl P.; Zhao, Chen; Huo, Xiaoying
2012The times they are a-changin' – again – in the relationships between governments and multinational enterprises: From control, to liberalization to rebalancingSauvant, Karl P.
2013Three challenges for China's outward FDI policySauvant, Karl P.
2013The need for an international investment consensus-building processSauvant, Karl P.; Ortino, Federico
2014China needs to complement its "going-out" policy with a "going-in" strategySauvant, Karl P.; Chen, Victor Z.
2015We need an international support programme for sustainable investment facilitationSauvant, Karl P.
2016Can India emulate China in attracting and benefitting from FDI?Sauvant, Karl P.; Allman, Daniel
2016Can host countries have legitimate expectations?Sauvant, Karl P.; Ünüvar, Güneş
2016The rise of self-judging essential security interest clauses in international investment agreementsSauvant, Karl P.; Ong, Mevelyn
2017Beware of FDI statistics!Sauvant, Karl P.
2017China moves the G20 on international investmentSauvant, Karl P.
2017The importance of negotiating good contractsSauvant, Karl P.
2017A new challenge for emerging markets: the need to develop an outward FDI policySauvant, Karl P.
2018Sustainable FDI for sustainable developmentSauvant, Karl P.; Mann, Howard
2019Do not neglect establishment trade: the China-US exampleSauvant, Karl P.