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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Entrepreneurship and the Theory of TaxationHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2009 Taxation and the Quality and Quantity of EntrepreneurshipAsoni, Andrea; Sanandaji, Tino
2009 Reversion to the Racial Mean and Mortgate DiscriminationSanandaji, Tino
2010 The Interaction of Entrepreneurship and InstitutionsHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2010 Fiscal Illusion and Fiscal Obfuscation:An Empirical Study of Tax Perception in SwedenSanandaji, Tino; Wallace, Björn
2010 Institutional Entrepreneurship: An IntroductionHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2012 BillionairesLeeson, Peter; Sanandaji, Tino
2012 Do Women Have a Less Entrepreneurial Personality?Bengtsson, Ola; Sanandaji, Tino; Johannesson, Magnus
2012 The International Mobility of the Super-RichSanandaji, Tino
2013 Billionaire Entrepreneurs: A Systematic AnalysisHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2013 Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight? Socio-economic Representativeness in the Modern MilitaryAsoni, Andrea; Sanandaji, Tino
2014 Superentrepreneurship in Europe Compared to Other Industrialised RegionsHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2014 Does College Education Reduce Small Business Failure?Asoni, Andrea; Sanandaji, Tino
2015 Owner-level taxes and business activityHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2016 Stock option taxation and venture capital activity: A cross-country comparisonHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2017 Schumpeterian entrepreneurship in Europe compared to other industrialized regionsHenrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino
2017 Stock option taxation: A missing piece in European innovation policy?Henrekson, Magnus; Sanandaji, Tino