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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Monetary policy and market interest ratesEllingsen, Tore; Söderström, Ulf
1999 Predicting monetary policy using federal funds future pricesSöderström, Ulf
1999 Should central banks be more aggressive?Söderström, Ulf
1999 Monetary policy with uncertain parametersSöderström, Ulf
2000 Core Inflation and Monetary PolicyNessén, Marianne; Söderström, Ulf
2000 Monetary policy with uncertain parametersSöderström, Ulf
2001 Simple Monetary Policy Rules and Exchange Rate UncertaintyLeitemo, Kai; Söderström, Ulf
2001 Targeting Inflation with a Prominent Role for MoneySöderström, Ulf
2002 Can a Calibrated New-Keynesian Model of Monetary Policy Fit the Facts?Söderström, Ulf; Söderlind, Paul; Vredin, Anders
2002 How Important Is Precommitment for Monetary Policy?Dennis, Richard; Söderström, Ulf
2003 Taylor Rules and the Predictability of Interest RatesSöderlind, Paul; Söderström, Ulf; Vredin, Anders
2003 New-Keynesian models and monetary policy: A reexamination of the stylized factsSöderström, Ulf; Söderlind, Paul; Vredin, Anders
2004 Robust monetary policy in the New-Keynesian frameworkLeitemo, Kai; Söderström, Ulf
2004 Monetary Policy in an Estimated Open-Economy Model with Imperfect Pass-ThroughLindé, Jesper; Nessén, Marianne; Söderström, Ulf
2004 Why Are Long Rates Sensitive to Monetary Policy?Ellingsen, Tore; Söderström, Ulf
2005 Robust monetary policy in a small open economyLeitemo, Kai; Söderström, Ulf
2008 Re-evaluating Swedish membership in EMU: Evidence from an estimated modelSöderström, Ulf
2010 The output gap, the labor wedge, and the dynamic behavior of hoursSala, Luca; Söderström, Ulf; Trigari, Antonella
2012 Structural and cyclical forces in the labor market during the great recession: Cross-country evidenceSala, Luca; Söderström, Ulf; Trigari, Antonella
2016 Real-time forecasting for monetary policy analysis: The case of Sveriges RiksbankIversen, Jens; Laséen, Stefan; Lundvall, Henrik; Söderström, Ulf