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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 The evolution of the returns to human capital in Canada, 1980-2005Boudarbat, Brahim; Lemieux, Thomas; Riddell, W. Craig
2011 Education, job search and re-employment outcomes among the unemployedRiddell, W. Craig; Song, Xueda
2011 Unemployment insurance savings accounts in Latin America: Overview and assessmentFerrer, Ana M.; Riddell, W. Craig
2011 The impact of education on unemployment incidence and re-employment success: Evidence from the US labour marketRiddell, W. Craig; Song, Xueda
2012 Ageing and literacy skills: Evidence from Canada, Norway and the United StatesGreen, David A.; Riddell, W. Craig
2012 The pitfalls of work requirements in welfare-to-work policies: Experimental evidence on human capital accumulation in the self-sufficiency projectRiddell, Chris; Riddell, W. Craig
2012 The role of education in technology use and adoption: Evidence from the Canadian workplace and employee surveyRiddell, W. Craig; Song, Xueda
2012 Challenges facing European labour markets: Is a skill upgrade the appropriate instrument?Scarpetta, Stefano; Sonnet, Anne; Livanos, Ilias; Núñez, Imanol; Riddell, W. Craig; Song, Xueda; Maselli, Ilaria
2014 New Directions in Immigration Policy: Canada's Evolving Approach to the Selection of Economic ImmigrantsFerrer, Ana; Picot, Garnett; Riddell, W. Craig
2015 Top Incomes in Canada: Evidence from the CensusLemieux, Thomas; Riddell, W. Craig
2016 Ageing and Literacy Skills: Evidence from IALS, ALL and PIAACBarrett, Garry; Riddell, W. Craig
2016 When Can Experimental Evidence Mislead? A Re-Assessment of Canada's Self Sufficiency ProjectRiddell, Chris; Riddell, W. Craig
2017 Unemployment, Marginal Attachment and Labor Force Participation in Canada and the United StatesJones, Stephen R. G.; Riddell, W. Craig
2018 The labor market in Canada, 2000-2016Riddell, W. Craig
2018 Unions and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Gender, Skill and Public Sector EmploymentCard, David; Lemieux, Thomas; Riddell, W. Craig
2019 Ageing and Skills: The Case of Literacy SkillsBarrett, Garry F.; Riddell, W. Craig
2019 Is There a Tradeoff between Ethnic Diversity and Redistribution? The Case of Income Assistance in CanadaGreen, David A.; Riddell, W. Craig
2020 Waiting for Recovery: The Canadian Labour Market in June 2020Jones, Stephen R. G.; Lange, Fabian; Riddell, W. Craig; Warman, Casey