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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Business Cycles, Unemployment Insurance, and the Calibration of Matching ModelsCostain, James S.; Reiter, Michael
2005 Trusting the stock marketHaliassos, Michael; Reiter, Michael
2005 Credit card debt puzzlesHaliassos, Michael; Reiter, Michael
2006 Endogenous labor market participation and the business cycleHaefke, Christian; Reiter, Michael
2008 Sharing demographic risk: who is afraid of the baby bust?Ludwig, Alexander; Reiter, Michael
2009 Lumpy Investment and State-Dependent Pricing in General EquilibriumReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2009 Lumpy investment and state-dependent pricing in general equilibriumiReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2010 Approximate and almost-exact aggregation in dynamic stochastic heterogeneous-agent modelsReiter, Michael
2011 What do participation fluctuations tell us about labor supply elasticities?Haefke, Christian; Reiter, Michael
2012 What Do Participation Fluctuations Tell Us About Labor Supply Elasticities?Haefke, Christian; Reiter, Michael
2015 Solving OLG models with many cohorts, asset choice and large shocksReiter, Michael
2016 Business Cycles and the Propagation of Shocks in the Input-Output NetworkMolnarova, Zuzana; Molnárová, Zuzana; Reiter, Michael
2017 Agency costs and the monetary transmission mechanismReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2020 Long-term bank lending and the transfer of aggregate riskReiter, Michael; Zessner-Spitzenberg, Leopold
2020 Idiosyncratic Shocks, Lumpy Investment and the Monetary Transmission MechanismReiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz
2020 Wage rigidities and old-age unemploymentKerndler, Martin; Reiter, Michael