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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1976 On Expected Present Value Vs. Expected Future Value: Further RemarksPazner, Elisha A.; Razin, Assaf
1977 Competitive Efficiency in an Overlapping-Generation Model with Endogenous PopulationPanzer, Elisha A.; Razin, Assaf
1977 A Note on Monopoly Power in the Supply of a Natural ResourceHelpman, Elhanan; Razin, Assaf
1977 Towards a Consistent Comparison Between Alternative Exchange Rate SystemsHelpman, Elhanan; Razin, Assaf
1978 The Protective Effect of a Tariff Under UncertaintyHelpman, Elhanan; Razin, Assaf
1979 Child Spacing and Numbers: An Empirical AnalysisNerlove, Marc; Razin, Assaf
1998 International capital flows: Sustainability, sudden reversals, and market failuresRazin, Assaf
1998 Tax burden and migration: A political economy theory and European evidenceRazin, Assaf; Sadka, Efraim; Swagel, Phillip
2000 Interactions between International Migration and the Welfare StateRazin, Assaf; Sadka, Efraim
2002 FDI flows: A critical lookRazin, Assaf
2003 Privatizing Social Security Under Balanced-Budget Constraints: A Political-Economy ApproachRazin, Assaf; Sadka, Efraim
2004 Transparency, Specialization and FDIRazin, Assaf; Sadka, Efraim
2010 Providing portable unemployment insurance to overseas workersRazin, Assaf; Salinas, Carlos C.; Tomas, Patricia Sto.; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2010 Composition of international capital flows: A surveyKirabaeva, Koralai; Razin, Assaf
2011 Migration Policy and the Generosity of the Welfare State in EuropeRazin, Assaf; Wahba, Jackline
2011 Free vs. restricted immigration: Bilateral country studyRazin, Assaf; Wahba, Jackline
2012 What Really Ails the Eurozone?: Faulty Supranational ArchitectureRazin, Assaf; Rosenfielde, Steven
2012 The impact of creditor protection on stock prices in the presence of liquidity crises: Theory and cross-country evidenceHale, Galina; Razin, Assaf; Tong, Hui
2013 Migration into the Welfare State: Tax and Migration CompetitionRazin, Assaf
2015 Understanding Global Crises: An Emerging ParadigmRazin, Assaf