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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1981 Restrictive Clauses in East-West Licensing Trade: The Case of PolandCieślik, Jerzy; Rapacki, Ryszard
1981 Poland's Exports of LicensesRapacki, Ryszard
1986 The Role of Licensing in the Strategy of Western Firms in the Eastern European Markets: The Case of PolandRapacki, Ryszard
1992 Privatization in Transition Economies: Case Study of PolandRapacki, Ryszard; Linz, Susan Johnston
1999 Polish Mass Privatisation Programme: The Employee PerceptionsRapacki, Ryszard
2000 Corporate Governance in Poland: the Impact of Mass PrivatizationRapacki, Ryszard
2005 Fiscal Performance and Fiscal Implications of the EU Accession in PolandRapacki, Ryszard
2006 Poland – Economic Development Level in Comparative Perspective, 1950-2005Rapacki, Ryszard
2008 Regional Integration and Development AsymmetriesRapacki, Ryszard
2010 Economic Growth Paths in the CEE Countries and in Selected Emerging Economies, 1993-2007Rapacki, Ryszard; Próchniak, Mariusz
2012 Poland and Greece - Two Contrasting EU Enlargement ExperiencesRapacki, Ryszard
2014 Implementing structural reforms in the Western Balkan countriesRapacki, Ryszard
2015 The institutional underpinnings of the prospective euro adoption in PolandRapacki, Ryszard
2016 Comparative Economic Performance: Poland and the European UnionMatkowski, Zbigniew; Rapacki, Ryszard; Prochniak, Mariusz
2016 Income Convergence in Poland vis-à-vis the EU: Major Trends and ProspectsMatkowski, Zbigniew; Prochniak, Mariusz; Rapacki, Ryszard
2016 Key Economic Policy Developments in 2007–2015 and Challenges AheadCzerniak, Adam; Rapacki, Ryszard
2016 Real Income Convergence between Central Eastern and Western Europe: Past, Present, and ProspectsMatkowski, Zbigniew; Prochniak, Mariusz; Rapacki, Ryszard